New Things for Apple Watch

Since New Year, we’ve been working on a big update – and it’s all about modernizing Things for Apple Watch. All the app’s internal parts have been rebuilt, it now syncs directly with Things Cloud, and we’ve added some much-requested features!

Things for Apple Watch now syncs directly with Things Cloud
Things for Apple Watch – now with cloud sync!

Five Years On

We first created Things for Apple Watch five years ago, when watches were still slow and entirely dependent on your phone for connectivity. In order to get changes from your watch to the cloud, the iPhone app had to act as a middleman, ferrying changes to and from the cloud on the watch app’s behalf. While it seemed like a fine idea at the time, in practice it turned out to be slow and error-prone.

In the years since, the Apple Watch has come a long way. Devices are faster, have more storage, support background refresh, connect to WiFi, and many are free-roaming on LTE. Compared to 2015, it’s a huge leap forward.

In short, we knew that big improvements were possible for Things – and well overdue. So in January, we disassembled our watch app and began replacing all the parts: the sync, data layer, complication integrations, background refresh, Siri integration – everything under the hood is completely new. But without doubt, the biggest change today is the sync: we’ve brought Things Cloud to Apple Watch.

Things Cloud on the Watch

The most important change in this release is that Things on your watch will now sync directly with Things Cloud.

Things for Apple Watch now syncs directly with Things Cloud.
Before, Things on your iPhone acted as the middleman.

Syncing directly with Things Cloud is far superior to the previous implementation, and we couldn’t be more excited to get this into your hands.

Even when you’re away from your phone, the watch syncs instantly with the cloud and you can be confident that you’re always looking at the latest data.

When you enter a project, for example, or a to-do with a checklist, you’ll no longer have to wait for that content to load. Everything is already on your watch and ready to go.

We’ve also improved the quality of data on the watch face. Since both your phone and watch now sync to the cloud, we’re at liberty to choose whichever data is more recent and display that in your complication. After all, you want to be sure when you glance at your wrist that the info’s up to date ⌚️👀

Of course, all of this requires a Things Cloud account. If you don’t already have one, you can create one for free.

More New Features

Even though today’s update is mainly focused on the app’s foundation, we were able to sneak in a few of your most-requested features.

Other new features
  • Add to Today

    By default, the watch app saves new to-dos to your Inbox; you can now set Today as the default instead. To access this setting, open the watch app and force press in the main list.

  • Remove from Today

    Many of you complained that there was no way to remove a to-do from Today – that is to say, put it in Anytime. You can now do this by tapping Clear in the date picker.

  • Scribble support

    When adding new to-dos, or appending some notes, you can now scribble instead of speaking the text 👆

  • Multiple watches

    Incidentally, the new implementation of sync brings another benefit: many of you wrote in saying you use a spare watch for sleep tracking and really missed having Things on it. Now you can!

If you love your Apple Watch, we think you’ll love Things 3.12. The addition of Things Cloud makes a world of difference and we find ourselves using the app more than ever. Take it for a spin today and let us know what you think!

Come Work With Us

We have big plans for Things and want to expand our team.

We are hiring!

We’re currently looking for:

  • Software Engineer (C++)
    Responsible for our client-side data persistence and sync frameworks.
  • Cloud Engineer
    Responsible for the server-related aspects of our sync solution.
  • Executive Assistant
    For our office in Stuttgart (German required).

If these roles sound like you or someone you know, head on over to our jobs page to learn more.

View Openings

We’d love to hear from you!

The Quick Find Update

A big update for the Quick Find feature is here, with new ways to navigate Things and quickly view important data.

Quick Find
Things gains some great new lists – all available by typing their name into Quick Find.

Quick Find – New Lists

Things’ Quick Find feature makes navigating the app feel light and easy. If you’ve been using it for awhile, you’re probably quite adept at hopping from project to project, or into your Upcoming schedule, or into your “Errands” tag list, and so on.

We’ve now extended Quick Find further with some great new lists that provide helpful perspectives on your data. To jump into these lists, simply type their name into Quick Find:

  • Deadlines Deadlines – all your upcoming (or passed 😱) deadlines, neatly sorted.
  • Repeating Repeating – all your repeating to-dos in one, convenient place (finally!).
  • Tomorrow Tomorrow – a nice focused list to plan tomorrow, today.
  • All Projects All Projects – an overview of all your big goals.
  • Logged Projects Logged Projects – an overview of your past achievements.

For those of you geeking out on Things URLs – yes, they’re supported 🤓

While technically not a list, note that you can also type “Settings” (or “Preferences”) to quickly get there. No more digging for that Settings button!

Quick Find – Recents

Sometimes, if you’re deep down in a list, accessing Quick Find can be quite a journey – you have to scroll all the way back to the top to invoke it. No more! Now just tap the list’s title and you’re ready to go.

Better yet, Quick Find now shows your recently-viewed lists, so you can hop around without even typing, which is particularly great on iPhone.

Quick Find – Recents
Quick Find remembers where you’ve been, so hopping back is easy.

Quick Find – Headings

Many of you pointed out that projects’ headings should be found when you search for them – and of course, that makes sense! So all your headings are now included.

Of course, their inclusion in Quick Find doesn’t just help you locate them – it allows you to navigate to them, making your movements around the app more precise.

Quick Find – Headings
A project’s heading in search results.

A few more things…

We’ve also snuck in a few other small-but-great improvements that we know some of you will really appreciate:

  • You can now see the date when an item was created or completed with a new Get Info option.
  • The following prefixes are now recognized as bullets and stripped out when pasting into to-do lists or checklists: , *, - [ ]
  • When typing the time on systems set to a 12-hour clock, the date parser now chooses AM/PM more intelligently (and offers both options in some cases).
  • On Mac, you can now hold down Cmd when clicking a link to open it in the background.
  • On Mac, when inside an area or the new All Projects list, you can now insert a project with a button in the toolbar or Touch Bar.
  • And finally, we’ve increased the sidebar width on larger iPad Pros to accommodate those longer project titles 🙌🏻

Things 3.11 is available for download now on Mac, iPad, and iPhone. We hope you’ll enjoy these improvements.

From all of us here at Things, Happy Holidays! Thanks for a great year, and see you in 2020.

Things for macOS Catalina

We’ve just released Things for Mac 3.10, which brings full compatibility for the latest version of macOS.

Things for macOS Catalina

This update contains a few tweaks and fixes to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the new OS. Note also that it’s now possible to automatically switch to Dark Mode at sunset. Just go to ViewAppearance and make sure it’s set to Automatic.

Our Reminders integration on the Mac has seen the same overhaul as on iOS. And we’ve built an import feature so you can migrate an entire Reminders database over to Things (go to FileImport).

Things 3.10 requires macOS 10.13 or later, and is available for download now.