Things for Apple Vision Pro

We’re delighted to announce an exciting new version of Things, designed and built to run natively on Apple Vision Pro.

Things for visionOS
Things running on Apple Vision Pro

With Vision Pro, Apple has introduced an entirely new computing platform. Your apps inhabit the space around you and offer entirely new ways to interact. This opens up exciting new possibilities. Apple sees productivity apps playing a central role on Vision Pro, and we’re excited to have Things there on day one.

We recommend watching Apple’s Guided Tour of the device first. Then come back to let us walk you through 8 great things about Things on Apple Vision Pro.

1 Made for Vision Pro ✨

We’ve adapted and refined every corner of Things to make full use of Vision Pro and to fit in beautifully with your environment. A sidebar made of glass, menus and popovers that float above your lists, resizable windows, controls that light up to acknowledge your gaze, refined interactions, and more. A native app for the new platform, through and through.

2 A canvas for your thoughts

Things lets you open many windows so you can spread yourself out. Arrange them around you however you like as you create a space for your thoughts to roam. Your Today list in the center, scheduled to-dos to the left, and a few projects to the right – it’s great for getting a bird’s eye view.

3 A slim companion

You can neatly hide Things’ sidebar to focus on a single list. Place it next to your other apps and get things done. Another great setup: bring your Mac wirelessly into Vision Pro as a virtual display, then float Things in slim mode next to it as you work through your list.

4 Navigate with your eyes, hands, and voice

Things’ new interface is made for your eyes, hands, and voice. Pick up to-dos and drop them where they need to go. Glance at the search field and start speaking what you want to find. Swipe your to-dos for quick actions. Dictate your notes. All interactions are smooth and effortless.

5 The Magic Plus

This one is pure fun – and great functionality! Grab the + button with a pinch, make it float across the list with the wave of a hand, then release to create a new to-do on the spot. It feels like magic. 🪄

6 Keyboard maestro

Connect a wireless keyboard and unleash the power of Things’ outstanding keyboard support. Navigate the app like a breeze, create to-dos, rearrange lists, and so much more – all at the stroke of a key. And of course, Things also provides excellent trackpad support.

7 Feature rich

All the features you enjoy in Things on iPhone and iPad are here: projects, areas, tags, alerts, repeating to-dos, Siri integration, sharing from other apps, importing reminders, Shortcuts support – you name it!

8 Things Cloud

Of course, Things on Vision Pro is fully integrated with Things Cloud. Everything you do is instantly synced across your Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Watch. Reliable as ever – a system you can trust.

That concludes our quick tour of what makes Things great on Apple Vision Pro — a native app, fully integrated with visionOS, and designed to look stunning in every environment. We’re very excited for you to try it out!

Things 3 for Vision is available now for $29.99 USD.

Things for Vision

Things for macOS 14 Sonoma

macOS 14 Sonoma is out and Things is ready to go, with three great improvements for your widgets: they’re interactive, on your desktop, and available in two new formats. 🙌

Things’ widgets on macOS Sonoma
Things’ interactive widgets on the desktop in macOS 14 Sonoma.

The interactive widgets that recently came to iPhone and iPad are now available on your Mac. This means you can complete to-dos directly in your widgets without having to open Things.

In the past, widgets were confined to your Notification Center. Now you can place them right on your desktop. Extra Large widgets are now also supported and Things provides two: one that can show any list you like, and another that shows your schedule for the coming days.

To add a widget, simply right-click on your desktop, choose Edit Widgets, and search for Things in the gallery. Also note that you can change how the widgets look by going to System SettingsDesktop & DockWidgetsWidget Style.

Don’t forget that you need to update to macOS 14 Sonoma before you can try the new widgets. We hope you enjoy them!

Interactive Widgets and More

We’ve just released Things 3.19 with a variety of great improvements for your widgets, plus full support for iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and watchOS 10.

Interactive Widgets for Things on iOS 17

The first improvement for your widgets is that they’re now interactive. This means you no longer have to open Things to complete a to-do – simply tap its checkbox on your Home Screen and it’s done. ✨

Complete to-dos directly on the Home Screen in iOS 17.

There’s also a new feature called StandBy, which shows Things’ widgets while your iPhone is on its side and connected to power. Your widgets are significantly larger here since they’re intended to be viewed from a distance, such as on a kitchen counter or while lying in bed.

Things in StandBy mode
See your to-dos in Things’ StandBy widgets.
Things in Night Mode
In low ambient lighting, StandBy presents in a red tint.
Night Mode

Widgets have also come to your iPad’s Lock Screen. You can add them to a strip down the left side, or above the clock.

Widgets on the iPad Lock Screen
iPadOS 17 brings widgets to the Lock Screen.

We've also added a widget for the new Smart Stack on watchOS 10. It appears when you swipe up on the watch face, showing your next three to-dos.

Things on watchOS 10
Things’ new widget and polished design on watchOS 10.

Finally, Things has been adjusted to complement the new design of watchOS 10, and is now built entirely with Apple’s latest technologies (SwiftUI) – a great foundation for future improvements.

Things 3.19 is available now for iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch. Remember to update your OS before you try the new features.

Things Big and Small

Things 3.18 has just been released with one of our most-requested features: adjustable text size! This means you can now scale Things’ interface to a size that’s right for you. 👀

Things 3.18 with adjustable text size

Whether you want to shrink your text to fit a small iPhone, or jack up the size on a thirty-inch display – Things 3.18 gives you the control. Of course, it’s not only the text that changes size. The app now uses vector graphics for all icons, and we’ve fine-tuned the layout so that everything scales together beautifully.

Change the size on iPhone & iPad

Things now automatically follows your system-wide Dynamic Type setting. This is managed in System SettingsDisplay & BrightnessText Size.

We’ve also added an option to override the system setting. To choose a custom size, simply go to Things SettingsAppearance.

Things 3.18 for iOS supports Dynamic Type
Things’ interface automatically scales to your preferred size on iPhone and iPad.

Change the size on Mac

The Mac doesn’t have a system-wide Dynamic Type setting, so you’ll need to set a size just for Things. In the menu bar at the top of your screen, go to ThingsSettingsGeneral, and drag the slider to find a size that’s right for you.

Things Mac with smaller text size
Choose one of 14 available sizes in Things’ Settings. Here you see three examples.
Things Mac with default text size
Choose one of 14 available sizes in Things’ Settings. Here you see three examples.
Things Mac with larger text size
Choose one of 14 available sizes in Things’ Settings. Here you see three examples.

Things 3.18 is available now for Mac, iPad, and iPhone. We’ve made adjustments to every corner of the interface for this update, so do let us know if you spot anything out of place!

Enjoy. 🙂