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Things for Apple Watch

Each day, decide which to-dos you want to accomplish — then follow through. Things for Apple Watch is your constant companion that keeps you on track.

It’s all about Today

Things for Apple Watch is focused, not on task management, but on task accomplishment. That’s why it shows you the tasks you’re working on today, and nothing else. Just raise your wrist and mark them complete as you go. Each accomplishment doesn’t go unrewarded: there’s a nice animation as you check off your items, and the ring at the top inches forward as you progress through the day.


Quick decisions


Do it now? Great, then tap the checkmark at the top to complete it.


Plans changed? No problem, just tap the arrow to postpone it for later.

Adding new to-dos

Using Siri: Just press and hold the digital crown, or say “Hey Siri, remember to contact Sarah about our trip”. This sends the new to-do to Things’ Inbox where you can process it later.

Inside the app: You can also tap the + button to dictate your to-do. If you want to work on it right away, move it from the Inbox to your Today list with a quick tap.


And more

Focus on a project: If you know you’ll mostly be working on a given project throughout the day, you can simply mark that project with a star on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone and it will show up on your Apple Watch.

Notifications: To get reminded about scheduled to-dos in the morning, just turn on Notifications in Things’ settings on your iPhone, and choose a time for your alert.

Dictate notes: Not only can you read your to-dos’ notes, you can even add new information on the go through dictation.