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Things is a delightful task manager that’s easy to use, yet has all the power when you need it. Projects, tags, repeating tasks — all at your fingertips. And no matter what device you’re on, Things Cloud keeps your to-dos updated across them all — automatically.

Things Cloud

Things Cloud automatically keeps your to-dos up to date on all your devices. All you have to do is turn it on in Things’ Settings. After that, every change you make is immediately sent to Things Cloud, which then sends it to your other devices. Everything is automatic, you never have to worry about syncing again. Things Cloud is fast, reliable, and best of all, free.

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Right out of the box, Things comes with lists that are ready for your to-dos:

What do you want to do Today? What are the tasks you want to get to Next? And what do you want to Schedule for a later day? Everything has its place.

When entering new to-dos you can quickly add all important information: enter the title, notes, and due date. You can also tag to-dos so you can find them more easily later. Things remembers everything so you don’t have to.

Daily Review

The Daily Review lets you see everything that needs your attention: to-dos that are scheduled for today automatically appear at the top of your Today list, together with to-dos that have become due.

Never miss anything important again — simply go through this list, select the to-dos you want to do today, and postpone the rest until later.

Daily Review

Scrolling Date Picker

With the new scrolling date picker, you can easily move your to-dos in time as your priorities change. Instead of splitting the calendar into months, the scrolling date picker combines them into a continuous stream. So the next few weeks are always just one tap away — and everything beyond, just a scroll.

Date Picker

Make it yours.

Do you want to write a song, plan the next big project, improve the house, or write a thesis? Whatever it is, you can customize Things to make it perfect for your needs.

Projects are a great way to define the next steps you need to take to reach your goals. You can hide projects you’re currently not working on by making them inactive - this keeps your projects list clean and lets you focus on the things that are relevant now.

Add Areas to the sidebar so you can group projects and to-dos together: "Family", "Work", "Hobby", "Health", or whatever makes sense to you. Review these areas to make sure you keep on top of your responsibilities.

Add tags to your to-dos for added context - use "Home" for all to-dos you want to do at home, "Errands" for things you need to buy, "High" for very important tasks, and so on. Then filter any list by these tags to narrow it down. Whichever tags you decide to create, Things makes it easy to find the to-dos that are most relevant to you at any given time.

Best of class.

Things strikes a balance between ease of use and powerful features. Its polished user interface and attention to detail make it a delight to use. It’s hard to find anything quite like it.

  • Macworld ★★★★½, App Store Best of 2013
What’s most striking about the iPad version of Things is that, like the Mac version (which won an Apple Design Award), it presents a stunning interface that could entice even the most disorganized user to, well, get things in order.
– Macworld ★★★★½
A stylish, simple yet intuitive task manager for the iPad. [...] It makes managing tasks not only easy, but fun.
– (9/10)
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