Things doesn’t come with a templating feature built in, but you can create your own solution with a Things URL and Shortcuts. Here’s how to set it up.

  1. Create a new project. You can leave it empty for now, but schedule it for Someday.
  2. Get your project’s id. At the top of the project, hit •••ShareCopy Link. The result will look like this: things:///show?id=B7FJwxBtShmzH1Xj98bdWh but you only need the string of characters at the end: B7FJwxBtShmzH1Xj98bdWh
  3. Get your auth-token. In Things, go to SettingsGeneralThings URLs and copy your token. It will look like this: WXcI5U21T9mr-IaWL4bpDQ. This code is the same across all your devices.
  4. Create a Things URL. Using the above information, construct a URL to duplicate your project: things:///update-project?auth-token=your-auth-token&id=your-project-id&when=Today&duplicate=true
  5. Test your URL. Paste the URL into Safari and hit Return. It should open Things, duplicate your project, and put it in Today.
  6. Create a shortcut. In Apple’s Shortcuts app, create a new shortcut. Locate Things’ Run Things URL action and paste your URL into it, then run the shortcut to make sure it works.

You can now fill out your project as you want it, then run the shortcut from any device to duplicate the project when needed. By keeping its original “template” in Someday it stays out of your way, but it’s always available there if you want to edit the contents.

As you might have realized, you don’t actually need to use Shortcuts. You could simply store a project in Someday and duplicate it manually – Shortcuts just makes it a bit faster.