Quick Find is a brilliant feature that combines navigation and search into a single function. Here’s how to use it.

Search with Quick Find

It’s never been easier to do a search in Things, no matter where you are in the apps.

  1. On your Mac, open Things.
  2. Start typing to initiate a search.

Alternatively, you can invoke a search with ⌘ Cmd F.

iPad & iPhone
  1. On your mobile device, open Things.
  2. Pull down in any list to reveal Quick Find.
  3. Start typing to initiate a search.

On iPad, the search field is also always available at the top of the sidebar. If you have a hardware keyboard attached to your iPad, you can invoke a search with ⌘ Cmd F, or you can simply start typing to start a search.

By default, Quick Find will only look at the titles of to-dos, projects, areas, as well as tags. This makes it possible to present suggestions as soon as you start typing.

Search everything

To include your notes, checklists, and completed items from the Logbook in the search scope, hit Continue Search at the bottom of the Quick Find popover.

If the results don’t include what you’re looking for, try to be more specific. The shorter your search term is and the more general, the harder it will be to return good results.

Navigate with Quick Find

To use Things mainly from the keyboard, or avoid unnecessary swiping on mobile devices, Quick Find allows you to navigate anywhere in the app.

It works the same as initiating a search, but instead of entering a search term, you type the name of your destination. Here are some examples of how you can use it:

  • Type ”tod…” to jump to the Today list.
  • Type ”upc…” to jump to the Upcoming list.
  • Type ”finan…” to jump to the Finances area.
  • Type ”rome” to jump to the Vacation in Rome project.
  • Type ”next action” to jump to the Next Action Steps heading in a project.

Of course this also works with individual to-dos. This way, you don’t need to remember where you put a to-do, but can use Quick Find to jump to it directly.

In Things for Mac, you can also invoke the shortcut ⌘ Cmd ⇧ Shift O to see a dropdown which includes all lists. This is especially helpful if you have hidden the sidebar.

Reveal Special Quick Find lists

To keep your sidebar/main lists view uncluttered, there are some special lists that you can only reveal through Quick Find. To get to them, simply start typing their name:

  • Tomorrow – everything scheduled for the next day.
  • Deadlines – everything with a deadline.
  • Repeating – every repeating template.
  • Projects – every open project.
  • Logged Projects – all completed projects in the Logbook.

At this time, these lists can’t be pinned to the sidebar/main lists view. But you can create a widget if you need to keep an eye on them. Here’s how.

Find in text (notes only)

Things also allows you to limit your search to the notes text inside of an open to-do, which can be useful with longer notes. This feature does not rely on Quick Find, though. Learn more here.