Want to get more done in less time? Try these gestures in Things on your iPhone and iPad.

Add a new to-do anywhere in a list

Drag the Magic Plus Button anywhere you’d like in a list, and your new to-do will be inserted where you drop it.

Drag and drop a to-do

To change the order of a list, tap and hold a to-do until it pops up under your finger. Now, drag and drop it somewhere else.

Tip: In Upcoming, use drag and drop to quickly reschedule your to-dos.

Decide when to start a to-do

To use When to determine when you’ll start a to-do, swipe it to the right.

Use Quick Find

Pull down to move to other lists or search for to-dos. You can also pull down while you’re in the When or Move popovers to quickly filter results.

Tip: Search for one of your Tags to see a list of every to-do with that tag applied.

Select multiple to-dos

To select a to-do, swipe it to the left. Swipe or tap a few more to select them, too.

After you’ve made a selection, you can use the toolbar at the bottom of the screen to act on all the to-dos you’ve selected.

Quickly select a group of to-dos

After you’ve started a selection, you can quickly include a bunch of to-dos by dragging your finger down the right side of the screen.

Drag and drop multiple to-dos at once

Select multiple to-dos, then tap and hold one of them – all of the other to-dos you’ve selected will be dragged and dropped as well.

Add a new to-do directly to the Inbox

Drag the Magic Plus Button over to the Inbox target in the bottom-left corner of the screen to add a new to-do to the Inbox no matter which list you’re in.

Create a new heading in a project

While you’re in a Project, drag the Magic Plus Button to the far-left side of the screen to create a new heading in place.