Want to get more done in less time? Try these gestures in Things on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Vision Pro.

Adding Content

Add a new to-do anywhere in a list

Drag the Magic Plus Button anywhere you’d like in a list, and your new to-do will be inserted where you drop it.

Add a new to-do directly to the Inbox

Drag the Magic Plus Button over to the Inbox target in the bottom-left corner. This will add a to-do to the Inbox no matter which list you’re in.

💡Tip: Tap Inbox in the Quick Entry popover to file your to-do in another list.

Add a project to an area

Drag the Magic Plus Button in the main list view (iPhone) or sidebar (iPad & Vision) to create a new Project directly inside an Area.

Add a heading to a project

While you’re in a Project, drag the Magic Plus Button to the far-left side of the screen (iPhone) or the left edge of the project (iPad & Vision) to create a new heading in place.

iPad & Vision

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Select non-consecutive to-dos

To select a to-do, swipe it to the left. Swipe or tap a few more to select them, too.

After you’ve made a selection, you can use the toolbar at the bottom of the screen to act on all the to-dos you’ve selected.

Select a group of to-dos

After you’ve started a selection, you can quickly include a bunch of to-dos by dragging your finger down the right side of the screen.

Select projects or areas

Swipe left on a project or area to select it.

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Drag & drop

Drag and drop a to-do

To change the order of a list, tap and hold a to-do until it pops up under your finger. Now, drag and drop it somewhere else

💡Tip: In Upcoming, use drag and drop to quickly reschedule your to-dos.

Drag and drop multiple to-dos at once

Select multiple to-dos, then tap and hold one of them – all of the other to-dos you’ve selected will be dragged and dropped as well.

Drag lists

Tap and hold on a list to grab it, or swipe to select multiple lists. When dragging an Area, every Project inside of it will move with it.

Drag headings

Tap and hold on a heading to grab it, or select multiple headings with a swipe to the left, then drag and drop them to restructure your project.

💡Tip: On iPad, you can drag headings between Things windows to move them quickly to another project.

Drag to-dos to another list (iPad & Vision)

On iPad or Vision, with the sidebar showing, you can easily move to-dos by dragging and dropping them onto other lists.

Drag to-dos between windows (iPad only)

On iPad, with multiple Things windows open, you can drag and drop to-dos between different lists and insert them exactly in the desired spot.

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Dates, Natural Language, Search, and more…

Decide when to start a to-do

Swipe right to bring up When and decide when you’ll start a to-do.

Use natural language in When

Pull down in the date picker to type the date & time with natural language.

Learn more about everything you can do with natural language input.

Search for anything (Quick Find)

Pull down in any list to start a Search. The suggested results include by default:

  • Names of to-dos
  • Projects
  • Areas
  • Tags
  • Default lists (Today, Upcoming…)
  • Headings

To extend your search to Notes and Checklists, hit Continue Search.

Learn more about everything you can do with Quick Find.

Navigate the app faster

Navigation also uses Quick Find, and works exactly the same. It’s the best way to get around inside of Things.

Learn more about everything you can do with Quick Find.

Edit a checklist

Tap and hold on the grip (three horizontal lines) on the far right of a checklist item to drag it up or down. Tap the circle in front to complete it, or swipe left to delete it.

Tag a group of to-dos

Select a few to-dos, and then pull down in the tag popover to search for a tag. Useful for users with a large number of tags.

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