If you see this message, you need to update Things on all your devices to restore your sync:

You’ve used a newer version of Things on another device. Please update to the latest version of Things on this device as well to continue syncing.

If you don’t see the update on the App Store right away, restarting your device might help.

Why am I seeing this message?

On September 17, 2020, we released Things 3.13 with some new features. To sync the new features between your devices, your Things Cloud account was upgraded to a new version.

If you’re seeing the above message, it means that one of your other devices has already updated to Things 3.13 and upgraded your account, but the device where you’re seeing the message is still running an older version of Things.

Update Things to fix your sync

All you need to do is go to the App Store on each of your devices and update Things to version 3.13 (it’s a free update).

You can go directly to the App Store to update, or tap the button labeled Check for Updates inside the message you see in Things.

Once you’ve completed the update, Things will resume syncing. No further action is required.


I don’t see the update on the App Store

  1. Check if your device meets the minimum requirements. Here’s how.
  2. If your device meets the minimum requirements, but there’s no update on the App Store, try these tips.
  3. If your device does not meet the minimum requirements, upgrade your Operating System to keep syncing. Learn more here.

I have problems downloading the update from the App Store

In rare cases, Apple’s App Store can show you an error message when you try to update an app. In some cases, the update might fail to download.

Please try the steps on this page. As long as your devices meet the minimum requirements, those steps should help to download the update.