Troubleshooting Widgets on iOS and macOS

If you’re having trouble with Things’ widgets, please check out the tips on this page.

iPad & iPhone

There is no Things widget to add

Please launch Things at least once after installing/updating the app. Then try to add the widget again.

I cannot mark to-dos as complete or cancelled in the widget

This is a change Apple made to widgets in iOS/iPadOS 14. The new widget styles no longer allow you to interact with them.

I can’t see my calendar entries in Things’ widget

That’s not a feature we support. Our widget only shows content from Things (to-dos). You can always add a widget from your favorite calendar app to see your events, though.

The widget doesn’t update

We’re expecting a short delay between changing something in Things on your iOS device, and the change appearing in the widget. That delay is somewhere around 2 seconds, depending on your device. That is considered normal, not a bug.

If you make changes to Things on another device, the widget on your iPhone/iPad will only update once the main app is launched. The more consistently and often you use an app, the more likely it is for Apple to pick up your patterns and update widgets for you.

If your widget doesn’t update at all, though, even after a minute or longer, then there might be an actual issue. Please make sure you are using the latest Things and iOS/iPadOS versions. If you don’t see an improvement immediately, please remove the widget, reboot your device, and then add the widget back again. Should the issue continue, please contact us and provide as many details as possible.

I prefer to use the old, interactive widget. Can I?

Yes, Apple still permits adding the old widgets to Notification Center, but they don’t permit using them on your Home Screen (iPhone), or to drag them up. They’ll always stay at the bottom of Notification Center.


The widget only shows the Today list

If you’re using Things on iOS, you might have enjoyed the ability to show content from different lists in the widgets. This feature is not available on macOS at this time. You can only show content from your Today list in Things’ widget on the Mac.

The widget shows outdated content

If the widget in your Mac’s Notification Center shows outdated content that doesn’t match what you see in Things, try rebooting your Mac first to see if that resolves the issue. If not, please follow the steps below:

  1. Quit Things.
  2. Remove the widget from Notification Center.
  3. Click on your empty Desktop, and then go to the menu bar at the top of your screen.
  4. Click Go > Go to Folder...
  5. An input window will open. Copy & paste this into it: ~/Library/Containers/
  6. Find the folder labeled com.culturedcode.ThingsMac.TodayWidget and delete it.
  7. Empty the Trash.
  8. Reboot your Mac (do not skip this step!).
  9. Add the widget back.

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