If the badge count doesn’t appear on the app icon at all, or the count isn’t up-to-date, here are a few tips to fix the problem.

No badge appears on the app icon

If you are missing the badge count from the app icon, please check these basic settings first to rule out common issues:


1. Is Things running?

Is Things running when you look for the red badge? Things’ badge will not show if the app isn’t running, the same as Apple Mail, for example.

2. Is the badge count enabled?

Go to ThingsPreferencesGeneral and select an option from the dropdown.

3. Check System Preferences

  1. Go to System PreferencesNotifications & Focus.
  2. Find Things in the list of apps on the left.
  3. Turn on Allow Notifications from Things (if it’s on, turn it off and back on).
  4. Check Badge app icon (if it’s checked, uncheck and re-check it).
iPad & iPhone

1. Is the badge count enabled?

Go to ThingsSettingsGeneralBadge Count, select an option, and hit Done.

2. Check Settings app

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, leave Things and go to the Settings app.
  2. Tap Notifications.
  3. Scroll down to find Things and tap it.
  4. Enable the toggle for Badges (if it’s already on, toggle it off and back on).

Do any to-dos meet the requirements?

If you’ve confirmed that all the above settings are correct, and the badge is still not appearing, please check if there are any to-dos which meet the requirements.

For example, if the badge is set to only show to-dos from the Today list, you must have to-dos in it in order for the badge to appear.

Calendar events don’t affect the badge count

The badge on the app icon only takes into account to-dos and projects which you have created in Things. The badge count will not be affected by calendar events, which you can optionally show at the top of the Today list.

On iPhone or iPad, the badge isn’t up-to-date

On your mobile devices, you might have to launch Things to update the badge. This is a technical limitation of Apple’s background app refresh.

This Apple feature learns your usage patterns (when you open which apps) and then anticipates when these apps need to be updated. The OS decides the frequency of the updates – it’s not something Things can force.

Here are a few tips that might also help:

  • Do not force-quit Things.
    This is an outdated practice, and if the app isn’t running, then neither the badge or widgets will update.
  • Make sure that background app refresh is enabled for Things.
    Check in SettingsThings that the toggle for Background App Refresh is on. The frequency of background app refresh is also influenced by how busy other apps keep the OS, if you are in power savings mode or if your device is connected to a charger, etc.
  • Use Things regularly.
    If you only open Things once every few days, Apple’s Operating System will not be able to recognize that you actually want to see the badge update for the app more often.