Here’s how to change the email address you use as your Things Cloud username.

You can’t switch your account from one email address (username) to another, but you can create a new Things Cloud account with a different email address. To keep everything tidy, we also recommend that you delete the old account that you’ll no longer use going forward.

The following steps assume that you can see your to-dos in Things, on your device.

  1. Start by deleting your existing account to keep everything tidy.
    This step is optional. The data inside of Things will not be affected. Detailed instructions.
  2. Create a new account by going to ThingsSettingsThings Cloud, and toggling the Things Cloud switch off and back on.
    To-dos from your device will upload to the new account. Detailed instructions.
  3. Sign any other devices into the account to keep syncing.
    Detailed instructions.


Is my data still safe when I delete my old account?
Yes. Your data will be removed from the Things Cloud servers. The to-dos will remain on all devices that were connected to the old account.
I don’t see my to-dos in Things, they are only in my old Things Cloud account.
To move your data from the old account to a new account, you have to log into your old account first. This will download your to-dos into Things. Afterwards, you can follow the steps above.
I don’t remember the password to my old account.
If you don’t recall the password for your old account, you can reset it. Keep in mind that deleting the old account is optional.