A Quick Update

Thanks everyone for the great feedback on the all-new Things – this has been a fantastic launch! It’s extremely busy here in Stuttgart, but we wanted to quickly send out an update on the latest news.

App Store Response

We’re delighted to see that Things is receiving solid 5 star reviews in the App Store – the response has been fantastic! The Mac app also reached #1 in Top Paid, and even unseated Final Cut & Logic in many countries to claim #1 in Top Grossing. Thank you for purchasing Things and supporting its development!

Inbox 10,000

We’ve received over 10,000 inquiries with comments, questions, feature requests, etc. and we’re working around the clock to get back to you all. Currently, our support team (and our coders!) are answering emails that came in 5 days ago, so please hang in there :)

Price & Discount

Since there are still so many support questions in our queue, we’ve decided to extend our 20% launch discount until June 1st. This gives us more time to respond to questions, and gives you more time to evaluate the apps. If you plan to upgrade from Things 2, this is the best time to do it.

Also, please note that you don’t need to do anything to get the discount – the price you see in the App Store already has the discount applied. See this page for more info.

Importing From Other Apps

  • Wunderlist: If you’re coming from Wunderlist, you can easily import your to-dos.
  • OmniFocus: You can migrate from OmniFocus via our AppleScript importer. There was a bug in the script that is now fixed.

Repeating To-Dos in Projects

Things allows you to create repeating to-dos, but there has always been one limitation: it wasn’t possible to have them inside of projects. Many people have written in asking for this, so we’re going to add this option. We’re working on it now and it will be released in an update soon.

Thanks again for all your feedback everyone!