If you bought Things 3 from the Mac App Store, it might not replace the trial version you have currently installed.

If you decided to buy Things 3 after using the trial version on your Mac, the trial version might not get replaced by the version you bought from the App Store. You will keep seeing the Buy button in the app, and your trial period will eventually run out.

These steps assume that you have time left in your trial. If it has already expired, please do not close Things but contact our support team.

  1. Quit the trial version on your Mac.
  2. Go to your Applications folder and delete the trial version. It might also still be in your Downloads folder if you haven’t moved it. Your data will not be affected!
  3. Empty the Trash and reboot your Mac.
  4. Open the Mac App Store to the Purchased section.
  5. In the list of purchases, locate Things.
  6. Click to install it.