Every summer, Apple releases new OS betas, and we get a lot of questions about Things. Will it run well on the new operating systems? Have you built any new features yet? Can I join Things’ beta program for early access?

Here are the answers to your most common questions...

Will Things be ready in the fall?

Throughout the summer, we will be working to prepare Things to fully support Apple’s new operating systems. We’re aiming to have Things ready when they’re released publicly, which is typically in September.

Are the OS betas supported?

We do not offer support for beta versions of operating systems. In fact, we can’t release a version of Things with full support until Apple allows it, which is typically in September. This means that if you decide to install an OS beta on your device, we cannot guarantee that Things will function as expected. We therefore urge caution when installing OS betas, especially on devices you require daily.

How’s stability looking on the current betas?

Things seems to be running sufficiently well on the current betas of macOS, iPadOS, iOS, watchOS, and visionOS.

Having said that – even if Things is fine on this beta release, there’s no guarantee that upcoming OS betas won’t cause you problems.

Should I report bugs?

Some of the issues you run into may stem from the immaturity of the OS betas themselves. As Apple releases updates throughout the summer, more and more issues are likely to be resolved. For that reason, it’s not practical for us to spend time investigating issues before late August.

Have you built new-OS features yet?

We received the OS betas in early June and began assessing what new features might be suitable for Things. If we decide to release new-OS features, they won’t be available publicly until the new operating systems come out (typically, in September). This isn’t just because it takes time to finish the work, but also because Apple doesn’t allow us to release new features before the OS is final.

Can I install a beta version of Things?

Check this page to see if we’re currently accepting new testers.

If you’re already in our beta program, new versions of Things will likely become available for testing from early September.