Things Cloud
Things Cloud

Things Cloud keeps your to-dos synced across your Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch. It’s simple, fast, robust, invisible and secure.


Turning it on is as easy as flicking a switch in the settings and creating a free account.

Once it’s on, everything happens automatically. Every time you change something on one device, it’s immediately sent to Things Cloud, which then sends it to all your other devices. No buttons to fiddle with. No settings to configure. Nothing at all to worry about. Just turn it on and let Things Cloud do everything for you.


When you’re on the go, you want to quickly pull out your iPhone, enter a to-do, and put it away again. You shouldn’t have to wait for this change to be sent to the server.

So we built Things Cloud to be fast — crazy fast. Achieving this meant not only creating a speedy sync engine in the cloud, but also finely tuning each of the apps to process changes from it quickly. The result is a nimble service that makes light work of complex processes. For example, when you move 100 completed items to your Logbook, only a single piece of information needs to be sent through the cloud to your other devices: the current time. This happens so fast you’ll barely even notice.


After three years in research and development, and over a decade in active use, you’d expect a cloud service of the highest caliber. And that’s exactly what you get.

We poured our heart and soul into developing Things Cloud, to create the most robust and reliable system we could conceive. And it shows. Consistently praised for its incredible speed and unfailing performance, the sync you get with Things is top notch.


Did we mention that Things Cloud is simple? It’s so simple, in fact, that after turning it on, you’ll never see it again.

Every time you change any of your to-dos, Things automatically triggers an update with Things Cloud. If you don’t have an internet connection at the moment, but it becomes available shortly after — Things will automatically get in sync. Even if the app is closed and tucked away in your bag — it will still be receiving your changes. This is because Things Cloud comes with state of the art Push Sync technology that makes your cross-device experience feel magical. You never have to worry about or interact with it directly — it just sits there, happily performing its duties. And, dare we say: it just works.


It’s nice to know that your data is safe when you’re working in your local coffee shop, or riding on the train.

With Things Cloud, all your network traffic is securely encrypted using the latest TLS technology, ensuring that everything you do is for your eyes only.