Things 1.3.2 Brings Multiple Mobile Device (including iPad!) Sync

Today we released Things 1.3.2. Despite the version number saying that it is only a minor update, it actually contains a significantly enhanced sync engine.

With Things 1.3.2, it is now possible to sync an arbitrary number of mobile devices with your Mac such as the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad via your local network. The Devices preference pane (previously called iPhone) will guide you through the necessary steps to add multiple devices.

Multiple Mobile Devices Sync

Once you start a sync session by choosing the "Sync Mobile Devices now…" menu command (or by simply opening Things on one of your mobile devices), Things will look for all available devices and sync all of your information between all of them.

For example, if you made changes on both your iPhone and your iPad, Things 1.3.2 will sync with your iPhone, then your iPad, and once again with your iPhone to make sure changes are not only passed from your iPhone to your iPad, but also back again from your iPad to your iPhone.

Finally, for those of you who are wondering about cloud sync. We have chosen a quite ambitious approach using cool technology that only recently has become feasible. We are (still) very hard at work to get this completed and released, and I want to thank everybody for their patience. It'll be worth the wait.