Things touch 1.1 Syncs, Syncs, Syncs

This morning, Apple gave the green light for Things touch 1.1. The most prominent new feature is the ability to sync with the desktop version of Things. It took us quite some time to find and fix most of the syncing related bugs, many of which were reported by our 100 brave beta testers. Thanks to all of you!

Other improvements are a faster dialog for entering new to-dos, an app icon badge, and a customization of the automatic logging behavior. We have also added localizations for French, Spanish, and Japanese.

Enabling Sync

Please make sure that you have both the latest desktop version (0.9.4) and the latest iPhone version (1.1) installed. Also, both your Mac and your iPhone/iPod touch have to be connected to the same wireless network. To turn on syncing, start Things on the desktop, go to Preferences > iPhone, and follow the on-screen instructions.

App Icon Badge and Automatic Logging

The app icon badge is disabled by default. To enable it, just launch the Settings application on your iPhone and go to the Things settings screen. The automatic logging behavior can be changed in this screen as well.

What's Next

The past few weeks have been quite a ride. We all worked very hard to get the syncing update out, so now is the time for us to relax a bit and refill our energy. We have also found a wonderful new office to move into which no doubt will boost our productivity even more :)

Once we are back to coding, there are quite a few to-do items on our list. First, the desktop app will see some long awaited improvements that will push it closer to 1.0. The iPhone version will also get updates that bring bug fixes (if you find any), and support for Tags and Areas. We will post more details on the roadmap as soon as we get to it. And as always, we will keep you updated on our progress via Twitter.