Things Beta Program

Welcome to the Things Beta Program. This page explains how to install the betas and report problems. Thanks for helping us test our apps and make better Things for the world!


While most beta releases won’t look any different from the public versions, there may from time to time be updates which contain changes to the UI or entirely new features.

Unless given permission, please do not to share information about the beta publicly. This includes sharing screenshots, blogging, tweeting, or otherwise disclosing information about our in-progress development. We appreciate your discretion as a participant in our beta program.

Install the betas

To access betas, the email address you use for Things Cloud must be in our whitelist. If you don’t have access, see this page.

Beta builds are distributed via TestFlight. When you’re added to the beta program you’ll automatically be emailed a TestFlight invitation. Accept the invitation, then install Things from TestFlight.

System requirements:

  • macOS 12+
  • iPadOS 12.1+
  • iOS 12.1+
  • watchOS 8+
  • visionOS 1+

What to test

Most of the time we simply want you to use Things as you normally would and let us know if you run into any issues. Occasionally we might have specific features that need to be tested, in which case we’ll let you know in the release notes.

Report a problem

Please report any problems via email to this address with as much detail as possible. Consider including screenshots if it helps to demonstrate the problem. Thanks! 💙

We ask that feature requests are not submitted to the above address – please use our regular contact form instead. This allows our beta team to remain focused on fixing problems.

Submit crash reports

If you’re testing on iPhone, iPad, or Vision Pro, please leave Always Send enabled in ThingsSettingsGeneralDiagnosticsSend Crash Reports. This ensures that we can diagnose crashes.

Vacating your seat

If you find that you don’t really have time to test, or simply want to leave, no problem! Just let us know and we can remove you.

Please note that from time to time we may clear out testers who aren’t actively updating to the latest builds. This allows us to free up seats for others who want to test.

Thanks for helping us!

The stability of our software is very important to us, and to Things users around the world – we really appreciate your help. Thank you!