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Posting Rules and Guidelines

We hope that the rules and guidelines below will help make our forums useful for everybody - and a fun place, too!

The Rules

Be constructive. Try to help resolve an issue, or clarify a discussion. Try to persuade others through reasoning and respectful argument.

Be respectful. Be polite and respect other users. You may not always agree with other user's comments, but disagreement is no excuse for poor manners.

No flaming. Do not try to assert your authority, establish a position of superiority over other users, believe you carry the only valid opinion, attack those who disagree, or try to upset, offend, or insult other people.

Keep it real. Don't speculate. Make an effort to not post untrue information. Be aware that carelessly written posts may hurt your and the reputation of other parties.

Posts not conforming to the rules stated above will be removed without further notice. Posts might be deleted in their entirety even if only parts of them are objectionable.

Some Guidelines

If you have a support question and need a personal response from Cultured Code, please use the Feedback and Support form.

Feature requests. The forums are not the place to post formal feature requests. You are welcome to discuss feature ideas with other users, but if you want to submit a feature request to CC, please send this through the Feedback and Support form and we'll be happy to consider it. Note that we will neither respond to feature requests by email nor participate in feature discussions in the forums unless we require more information or can help by clarifying a topic.

The "Using Things ..." forums are exclusively devoted to solving problems and improving productivity by sharing helpful information and concrete tips related to released versions of Things. Other posts will be moved to the "Everything else" forum.

One topic per thread. Stay on topic. Use different threads for different topics. Please note that we might split or merge threads to ensure the one-topic-per-thread policy.

Third-party products, services, or websites. These forums are a place to discuss topics related to Things. Please do not use our forums to promote other products, services, or websites. Cultured Code reserves the right to edit (e.g. deleting a link) or remove posts which link to or mention third-parties. We appreciate your cooperation and consideration towards this guideline.

Also, we will take the liberty to clean up the forums every now and then by removing topics which have become obsolete. For example, a discussion of bugs which have long been fixed in past releases.

I have read and accept the posting guidelines above.