Universal App?

Why is Things not a univesal app? So you can use the same app on iPhone and iPad.
If you purchase the iPhone version, you can use it on both the iPhone and the iPad.
You can use any app designed for the iPhone on the iPad.
You can read more on this topic here:

Yes, I know Mick. Therefore I will ask again, why is Things not a universal app?
why is Things not a universal app?

I'm not sure what country you're in, but let's assume the USA where, on iOS, Things costs $10 for iPhone + $20 for iPad = $30 for Things on iOS.

The cost of our software is something we have carefully considered, and we believe that our iOS offerings are worth $30.

-- We could offer just a universal app for $30, but this would mean that someone who only wanted the iPhone app would be spending an extra $20 for no reason.

-- We could offer three different ways to buy it: iPhone $10, iPad $20, Universal $30 - but then there would be (for eg.) users who bought the iPhone app before getting an iPad, and wanted to 'upgrade' to the Universal app - however, Apple currently provide no upgrade mechanism on their stores, which makes this an inconvenient and confusing solution. We'd rather just keep it simple.

I suppose that you are not suggesting you want the convenience of a single universal iOS app, but rather that you don't think our software is worth $30 - an opinion you're quite entitled to hold - but for the time being, this is how we will continue to charge for & distribute our software; as individually sold apps at a combined $30.

For the sake of comparison, you're welcome to contrast our pricing with a competing productivity app such as OmniFocus. Here's the comparison in USD:

OmniFocus: Mac $80 + iPad $40 + iPhone $20 = $140
Things: Mac $50 + iPad $20 + iPhone $10 = $80

You might observe that OmniGroup have also decided to not offer a universal version on iOS.

I hope this helps to clarify our position for you.
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Great post Mick.
To be fair, simply comparing the price of OmniFocus v. Things is a bit misleading. IMO these are not comparable in feature set (Omni's feature set is much more robust, at least from my perspective).

You could also compare Things v. Todo (which is also more feature rich).

I'm not trying to start another things v. other GTD app debate, but simply pointing out that comparing products based on price alone is a bit of a straw man.
simply comparing the price of OmniFocus v. Things is a bit misleading

Sure, it just helps to see two suites from a similar product category - and to note that they also distribute them on iOS independently.

Out of interest, since OF is nearly twice the price, would you suggest it has twice the features, or is twice as powerful/useful?
The point is instead of payin attention on three different apps CC can concentrate on one desktop client and one mobile - in the meantime CC could provide us cloud sync.

CC should be more focused from a loyal customers view.
You incorrectly assume that offering a universal app would translate directly into saved time and resources.

Whether we ship the two versions in a single download or offer them separately, it takes the same amount of work (keep in mind that UI/UX work still has to undergo custom development on both platforms too).

Suggesting that distributing them independently is taking our focus away from cloud sync.. that's just false.
Out of interest, since OF is nearly twice the price, would you suggest it has twice the features, or is twice as powerful/useful?

I wouldn't say it has twice the features, because more features does not necessarily equal better. I would say however, for me, it is much more powerful and useful than Things (in its current incarnation).
Interesting - thanks for sharing!
So what is taken your focus away from cloud sync?
Nothing. You can read more on our blog where we explain some of the reasons for delay: [culturedcode.com]

It's clear you only seek to agitate - and the subject of this thread has been answered - so it will now close.

Thanks again.

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