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How do we make use of the new URI scheme?
I'd like to know this too. Maybe it needs implementation at the Instapaper end? Didn't see Things listed in their supported apps.
I believe this feature will require implementation by other apps to take advantage of it. I'm not aware of any that currently do, but I haven't really looked, either.
Can't see this option in the Instapaper app as yet. Presumably it'll be there once Instapaper is updated. It would be good if it could be implemented with Safari too.
I'd like to know this as well.....
It would certainly be easy to rewrite an existing bookmarklet like the one for Echofon to make a new note containing the link to the site.....
Safari anyone* can do. Someone just needs to make the bookmarklet...

(* anyone means anyone with the capability to work with javascript, and the time to look up other similar bookmarklets, make the TT one, then obfusticate and share it on a webpage somewhere. So I guess, not really anyone. ;) )

I'd do so but I haven't the need yet and definitely not the time. Surprised no one else has done so already. Maybe I'll get around to it one of these days.
Maybe copy the Omnifocus one to start off with:


I can get it to open Things but that's all. Not sure what the fields are called for Notes, Tasks, etc in Things. thoughts Step?
Hmm. I tried this just for starters (along with about 3 other variations):


But keep getting "New To-Do Could not import the to-do item." It could be an encoding problem, or more likely I'm just not using the right key words in their URI. I asked on Twitter to see if they'll clue me in on the format. I'm assuming both to-do title/name and note can be sent, and presumably other things as well (such as due date). Applescript might be a good guide to how they think about this too.

I just need to know what an accepted URI at TT looks like, then I can make a bookmarklet that delivers that. The result of of the above would be, for google.com:
Ok, no answer so far on Twitter, nothing on StackOverflow, and several unsuccessful attempts from my iPhone. I'm closing all my related tabs for now, will re-investigate once we hear from CC. If anyone has a way to ping them and get an answer before the weekend, that'd be nice. I suppose I should submit an official support request too, that's the correct way to do it. :D

No answers so far, either by email, twitter, or stackoverflow. I'm a bit disappointed, I surely expected at least an answer to my support email. :( It's not a particularly difficult question - or at least it shouldn't be...
Submitted another help request, and pinged them on twitter again. I'm nothing if not persistent. Really wanted to close this little project out, quick and easy, before I forget the details and have to review the whole thing to get back into it. I have a limited window of time where this is an ideal little task to solve, I just need the one puzzle piece from CC. Just one working example and I'd be set... *sigh*
Hi guys, no need to reverse engineer our URI scheme, we will post a documentation site soon :)

The reason it is not up yet is because a) Christian needed to design a developer site (we didn't have one so far) and b) the next update of Instapaper will have Things URI support integrated and we wanted to point to an existing example in the docs / blog post.

For those of you who can't wait, here is an example:
Ah, thanks @Werner! I'm very pleased. Bookmarklet already working on my iPhone. I'll refine it tonight.

I understand about the developer site. :) I did wonder if you wanted that instapaper integration out first.
why does the url not include // ?

Aren't custom urls normally of the form blah:// ?

I only ask because I'd like to hook it up with Prowl, which doesn't seem to recognise the url without the //
... and Things doesn't like it with the //
no matter; I've finagled it; would love more examples though (eg how to do tags)
I'm sure the developer site will hold more examples.

Adding &tags=mytag (where mytag is a tag already in Things) didn't seem to work for me. Here's the mobile Safari bookmarkelet I'm using:

I'd like to know how you got it to work, @steamshift.
in the end I used ProwlPHP and the Prowl API; the nicest thing is that I now have (via Fluid.app) a menu bar icon, with its own global shortcut, which opens up the webpage (I run apache etc locally).


its not very pretty at the moment, but it works a treat; all I need to get working now is the tags.
You're doing this on TM though, not TT. Right? I wasn't sure the URL would work on TM.
no; I'm using TT - thats the point of using Prowl; it means I can quickly send todos to TT from my Mac.
Oohhhhhh.... Huh. Creative! I'll have o look at this more when I get some downtime.
If you care to have it, here's a simple Mobile Safari bookmark:


It also injects a datestamp into your notes field.
Date stamp - nice idea.

I understood that escape() was a less-desired method to encode though for some unicode characters. I'll see if I can find that discussion.

Edit - Here's the link I had in mind:
Perhaps I'm missing your point, but that site says that neither work universally right?

* escape() will not encode: @*/+
* encodeURI() will not encode: ~!@#$&*()=:/,;?+'
* encodeURIComponent() will not encode: ~!*()'

I wrote my bookmark a few weeks ago and it hasn't broken yet, so maybe I should test out those chars and see what happens.
The comments below that point out that escape() uses different character encodings, where-as the other two both stick with UTF-8.

I'm not an expert on this, but the other well-written bookmarklets I found also all seemed to stick with encodeURI or encodeUIRComponent.
A couple other links that explain it a little better:

So escape doesn't encode +, but if a string has UTF encoding than the ascii characters can end up encoded when you don't want them to (or improperly encoded):
So has there been any recent developments on this URI Scheme? I'm still not finding any official documentation on it's use and it doesn't look like Instapaper has integrated it yet.
The Instapaper app did have the URI scheme integrated last time I checked. It was under the sharing button. Haven't found anything in the wiki about this though.
Yes, it's been in there for awhile. A bit hard to find, but not hard to use. My bookmarklet also works fine. I don't think there's been any official documentation released though - just these forum threads and a discussion on stack overflow.
Ok I just tried out your bookmarklet. Works great, thanks!
You're welcome. :)
Unless I've missed something - still no documentation site for Things URI, as promised back in February?
Looks like they've forgotten about this. But I've seen it mentioned elsewhere that the above example from Werner is all the URI schema currently contains anyway - that is, currently you only have the ability to set a title, notes and a due date.
Am I mistaken or is the official "documentation" about the URI scheme still outstanding? At least I couldn't find any new information about it.
You are not mistaken.

As I mentioned above though, this thread contains the entire feature set of the URI schema anyway - that is, setting a title, notes and due date, as in Mick's example.
Anybody using 'Launch Center' on their iPhone? If so, have you managed to get it to do the same things with Things that it can do with OmniFocus? I.e. adding clipboard contents as a task title or as a note.
See if something like this as a URL works:



Thanks richelieu. I can get


to work, but not the latter. However


also works.

My main problem now is that these scripts produce a task which is placed directly in the Inbox, which is OK for some of the cases. But what I would really like to have, is Things opening with a new task created and title and/or notes fields pre-populted with clipboard contents (and preferrably a link to the web page). OF can achieve this.

Also I have to note that sometimes the process ends in an error message. I suspect this has something to do with the copied text containing hidden characters like return, but haven't investigated this much.
Ah, yes, I forgot that because Things creates the item a title is required, as it's not possible to create an item without a title.

Unfortunately Things' URI scheme is very limited, so there's no way to have it bring up the editing view or add it directly to Today or a Project.

Hopefully they will at some point expand the abilities of the scheme (I'd love to be able to set a scheduled date rather than only a due date), but I doubt this will happen until well after Cloud Sync is released, and that seems like it will be quite some time away.

I suppose all that can be done is to submit a feature request.
OK, now I know not to try to achieve something impossible ;-). Thanks richelieu!
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