Sync iPhone-MacBook through DropBox

DropBox is now available both on MacBook and iPhone.
Is there any way to exploit DropBox as solution to sync Things on MacBook and iPhone? I suppose that others already had the same idea. Did anyone try to put in practice this hypothesis?
The Dropbox app does not work like the Mac app. It lets you view the files, really as a enhanced version of the web app, with a few extras. Besides on the iPhone there is no way to share information between apps.
1password now allows syncing of password db via dropbox. The database is placed in dropbox and the dropbox integration is build into the 1password app.

Same thing could be done with Things

Would be nice :)
Agreed. 1password has done it. It would be great.
I agree, sync'ing over DropBox would be a great feature, and IMHO a far better and pervasive solution than the current over-Wifi sync: in many companies, Wifi is not available or worst, as to be disabled to avoid security issues.

This virtually leaves no way to sync a Mac and an iPhone. ;-(

It seems that 1Password does not use the files from the iPhone Dropbox application, but implements what is required to access the files over the Net. I don't see any reason why Things could not follow a similar path.
you could create an ad-hoc network from your computer.
@eblot u can use the thetering to sync too via bluethoot or USB cables.
Give a Look at [] <- (Direct link with instructions)

And enjoy ur new feature. =D
I'd like to see Dropbox syncing as well. I find a real hassle keeping my iPad iPhone and Mac in sync over wifi. Whatever 1 password have done works a treat. You should look into this.
Works great with 1Password. Would love to see it in Things.
Me too!
I could not agree more. I use an iPad, iPhone and Mac, all loaded with Things software. Keeping them in sync via wireless is basically impossible.

The added work of performing the sync rituals between devices has me on the look out for some other application that integrates automatically across platforms I use every day.

We are used to having other info sync seamlessly via MobileMe-Contact, Calendar, Safari bookmarks. Now my 1Password info, too. With Dropbox, all my files are also synced and available everywhere.

Come on Things, our patience will not last forever.
Please, I'm with these guys.. DropBox sync would be very cool. Its a real pain in the ass have to manually sync. I don't use the app like I should because of this.
Ithoughts mindmapping syncs with DropBox. Let's go Things!
i agree.. just seen omnifocus on a friends mac..workaround is way easier
I just got an APP called "Phone Disk" []..
I have not had time to look into it as of yet, but maybe there is a way to sync DropBox using this APP ?!? I can't give an ETA; seeing as I work so many hrs, but I will get back in here as soon as I have time to play with the 2 and see what I can come up with!
Hope everyone had an Awesome Holiday ;o)
Have a Safe, Fun, & Magickal 2011

I love my things on both my iPhone and MacBook but cannot sync them wirelessly at work as I can't get my iPhone on the same wireless network. Creating an ad-hoc wireless works but is a pain.

Definitely would love sync'ing over dropbox!
would love to have sync over db,
sync over wifi is a pain in the ...
Seriously? Still posting in here.

Cultured Code:
Dropbox, WebDAV et. al.

Some users have suggested using Dropbox for sync. Like many similar offerings – often based on the so-called WebDAV protocol – Dropbox allows users to store files remotely on their servers. In this sense, it is similar to Apple’s iDisk (assuming iDisk sync is turned on) – what both services do is provide a folder on your computer that is mirrored on a remote server.

Neither Dropbox nor iDisk – or any similar service for that matter – were conceived as a sync solution for apps like Things. They were designed for sharing files – like photos or PDFs. Remote file storage products do not offer merge facilities that come even close to what would be needed for Things.

What is possible, however – and others are in fact doing this – is to use a hack. Without going into detail, it basically means breaking up the database file into a large number of smaller files. Merging and conflict resolution can now be handled using these smaller fragments, which eases some of the pain.

This approach works to some extent, but it is slow and error prone to begin with, and advanced options like push or anything involving user-to-user data exchange is impossible. Developers choosing this approach for apps with complex data models similar to Things paint themselves into a corner right from the start.

Cultured Code's Blog Post
I appreciate that you are or have look at Git for a distributed sync'ing model... as as developer I moved to Git three years ago and haven't looked back.

However, as someone said in a comment to your blog, I am really looking forward to what you come up with, but please hurry up. This is becoming a show-stopper for me and I am sure others.
i do apologize, I have been working on this whenever I get a free minute [not too often these days] but I havent been able to find a way to get them to all sync up together. I don't want to hack in [this usually opens you up to many unwanted vunerabilities]. I will continue to work on it until I come up with a solution. I'll come in and update you as soon as I come up with something.
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