Keyboard locks up when using Spaces and Quick Entry Autofill

Hi, love Things but have run into a severe issue.

I have Spaces set up to use Cntr-Option-Arrow keys to switch between Spaces desktops. When I do a Things Quick Entry with Autofill (crtl-option-spacebar), things go very wrong - the Spaces overlay graphic stays on after switching Spaces, and the keyboard seems to be locked up because I can't fill in any text fields in Things (and some other apps as well). So far the only remedy I've found is to restart. I'm on a new MacBook Pro.

The Quick Entry - Blank (ctrl-spacebar) works fine and doesn't cause this issue.
Thank you so much!
I've been plagued with the same problem for weeks now, but I had not yet identified Things as the culprit! (Probably because I don't use auto-fill that often.)

I have the following shortcuts set up:
Spaces: Cmd-shift-arrows
Quick Entry: ctrl-space
QE with autofill: ctrl-shit-space

I've submit a bug report to CC with a link to this forum.

Thank you again for posting! This has been a huge frustration of mine recently.
PS You can log out/in to solve it.
OK, thanks a lot for the tip and submitting the bug report.
I don't think this is a Things problem, see this thread on the Apple forums: []. You can also wake up your keyboard by sleeping the machine and then waking it back up (you don't have to quit all your apps that way, unlike logging out).
But using the QE with autofill triggers it every time. It may be an OS-wide problem, but it seems like this is the first time anyone is isolating the issue.

Also, sleep/wake does not always work for me.
I am getting the Spaces locking out the keyboard issue as well. Driving me nuts.

It is not caused by Things as there are users in the thread linked above who have not used Things.

However I do find that if I use any hotkey to activate 'Show and autofil' then the issue happens 100% of the time on the next time I switch spaces using the hotkey.

NOTE- it does NOT appear if I use a hotkey to activate 'Show Empty', only 'Show and autofill'.

So Things is somehow provoking the issue to occur 100% of the time after a 'Show and Autofill'.
I too have having the same problem. My keyboard locks up on every app, and my spaces window stays visible and will not go away. I even shut down Things and reopened it and the keyboard is still locked up, spaces window still visible. Also, I have not encounter this issue until I installed Things and try and use the quick entry.
Dillinger- that may be the case, but this issue is not caused by Things- using the 'Show and Autofill' feature merely lets it happen every time. On the Apple Support forums where this is being discussed (see above for the link) there are plenty of people who have this issue who have never used Things before.
I read through the posts from that link, but the thing that intrigues me is I never had a lock up before I started using Things quick entry. Before switching to Things I used OmniFocus quick entry and no lock up ever. So, i'm wonder why it is happening now with using Things. If I create a To Do with "New" button within Things I don't have any issues at all.
Before I found that Things could provoke the issue I would only rarely get the problem- maybe once or twice a month. You may not have switched Spaces enough to get it to happen (I use my Mac 12 hours a day and switch spaces constantly).
@goldencrisp: it's probably that shortcut you have: "QE with autofill: ctrl-shit-space" -- I'm not sure which key you press for the second one, but it probably fouls up the system.


Seriously, though: I got this "bug" for the first time just a week or so ago. I wasn't using Things at the time, (at least I don't think so--I never made a connection between them anyway) so am not sure what made it happen. I discovered that if I went to system preferences, opened the Spaces prefs and turned off spaces, the Spaces window went away. But I still couldn't use the keyboard. At that point, the only thing that gave me back the keyboard was to put the computer to sleep. That immediately fixed both issues.

After a bit of experimentation (including changing keyboard commands on both Spaces and Things), I have to agree with Screaming Pict: the behavior begins after using "Show and Autofill"--no matter what the shortcuts on Spaces or Things. Based on my reading of the Apple forum referenced above, this is not limited to Things, but it does appear to be triggered by use of the Show & Autofill shortcut.

Two possible workarounds (the first is mentioned in the Apple forum):

1. Use "Hyperspaces"--apparently there is no conflict with the keyboard commands there; it works as a substitute for Spaces (and allows you to create your own wallpaper for each space!). It costs $12. 95

2. Use "Warp"--It allows you to switch screens by moving your mouse to the edge of the screen (and shows you a preview of that screen before moving). It's freeware.
Hmm, that does indeed sound like a problem. I'll investigate further. :P
The problem started happening for me when I installed the 10.6.3 update, which was about in that timeframe.
I have had the problem since 10.6 first came out (I think). However I had not noticed the fact that Things can provoke it until now.
I also have this issue. Not exactly sure when it started, but it only happens when I use the Auto fill as described in the above posts. It used to work without issue.
@starkos 10.6.3 sounds about right for me as well.
I realized the same problem. I started using Quick Entry with autofill today and the keyboard locks from time to time. I'll keep track of that. Mostly it happens when using QE out of Postbox.
OK, got the same issue here. Timeframe also seems right, 10.6.3 is to blame. If you find a solution I'll be grateful, I wouldn't like to have to close Things to work.
Anyone found a solution for this?


This is an issue with Mac, not necessarily Things (although Things seems to trigger it). As such, we can hope that it is being fixed in the 10.6.4 Leopard update (currently in Beta), one fix which "Resolve(s) an issue that causes the keyboard or trackpad to become unresponsive."

See: []
Thanks. Hopefully there will be a fix.
For now the simple workaround is to use an alternative spaces app or just to use the 'Suspend Display' keyboard shortcut (CTRL-SHIFT-EJECT) to break out of it.
Great news indeed! I've been plagued by this bug. Worse than locusts, I swear.
Keyboard fix? Haven't tested it yet.

Apple today released Mac OS X 10.6.4, the fourth maintenance update for Snow Leopard, via Software Update. The update offers a number of fixes implemented since the release of Mac OS X 10.6.3 in late March.
The 10.6.4 Update is recommended for all users running Mac OS X Snow Leopard. It includes Safari 5 and general operating system fixes that enhance the stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac, including fixes that:

- resolve an issue that causes the keyboard or trackpad to become unresponsive

I installed MacOS X 10.6.4 and tested it, but the bug has not been fixed!

it's a shame because Things is very useful, but this feature is key to using it...

is there anyway Things can fix this? it might not be an Apple bug after all. This only occurs to me since I use Things...
Doesn't fix it for me either. In fact, 10.6.4 seems to have made it worse. I can no longer use the control-shift-eject shortcut to get rid of the problem.
Yeah, still not working here either.

However CTRL-SHIFT-EJECT continues to work fine for me.
Any updates? This is a horrible bug...
it's an OS X bug, you'll have to wait for the next OS X update 10.6.5
..and then 10.6.6 and then 10.6.7 and then 10.7... ad nauseam :)
I'm encountering this as well. It's only happening with Things. It's repeatable. I've never seen it before with any other app, ever.

I don't know if anyone in this thread speaks for Cultured Code. I hope so, because if not it implies they're out of touch. But nobody has given useful advice. Blaming OSX may be true, but there must be a work around for it.

I'm using the Trial, and this bug will mean I won't spend the $50 to buy a license. :(

Keys I'm using:
Ctl-Space: Quicksilver
Command-Space: Spotlight
Command-Option-arrow keys: spaces
Option-Space: Things quick entry
Shift-Option-Space: Things quick entry with autofill
CC explicitly states in the forum guidelines that these are user forums in which they don't participate, so I doubt you'll get a response. []
@goldencrisp87, ah, thanks.
This seems to be a bug in Spaces, although Things seems to provoke it more often than others.
There is a thread on Apple's boards that describes the issue and most of the people aren't even
using Things. []

We will see if we can find a workaround here, but currently it seems as if the ball is in Apple's park.
UPDATE: 10.5.6 seems to have fixed this bug for me.
UPDATE2: 10.6.5 is less dyslexic and also fixed it for me!

UPDATE2.5: I now see there is an "Edit" button for previous posts, which makes this even more dumberer.
Incredible !!! this works for me too, after the MacOS 10.6.5 update
See--I knew it was a mac issue!!!
Excellent : ) If anyone can replicate it after 10.6.5 we'd love to hear about it.

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