Things 1.3.2 Brings Multiple Mobile Device (including iPad!) Sync

Today we released Things 1.3.2. Despite the version number saying that it is only a minor update, it actually contains a significantly enhanced sync engine.

With Things 1.3.2, it is now possible to sync an arbitrary number of mobile devices with your Mac such as the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad via your local network. The Devices preference pane (previously called iPhone) will guide you through the necessary steps to add multiple devices.

Once you start a sync session by choosing the “Sync Mobile Devices now…” menu command (or by simply opening Things on one of your mobile devices), Things will look for all available devices and sync all of your information between all of them.

For example, if you made changes on both your iPhone and your iPad, Things 1.3.2 will sync with your iPhone, then your iPad, and once again with your iPhone to make sure changes are not only passed from your iPhone to your iPad, but also back again from your iPad to your iPhone.

Finally, for those of you who are wondering about cloud sync. We have chosen a quite ambitious approach using cool technology that only recently has become feasible. We are (still) very hard at work to get this completed and released, and I want to thank everybody for their patience. It’ll be worth the wait.


  1. Paul Morgan Apr 02, 2010

    I still can’t get things on my iphone to sync with my macbook at the office. Works fine on other wireless networks though – can you offer any troubleshooting advice to help with this?

  2. Matthias Plappert Apr 02, 2010

    Great, I was waiting for this feature since release 1.0.

  3. Hans Schaaps Apr 02, 2010

    Just updated to 1.3.2 and thing is dead after restarting. All my info is gone, I just get an empty screen. :(

  4. Simon Apr 02, 2010

    Multi-device sync sounds good, although what I REALLY want to see in Things is the ability to sync two Macs together without the use of a clumsy workaround via Dropbox. OTA sync will be great when it comes.

    I’m really glad to hear that Things for iPad is now available in the App Store, although wondering why we can’t have iPhone/iPad in a single Universal application? Maybe this will come at some point in the future. I’m happy to pay another $20 for the iPad version (although it’s a little pricey), since it’s all new functionality and additional development. But maybe asking new users for $70 for entire suite of Things Mac + iPhone + iPad is a bit much?

  5. Francesco Apr 02, 2010

    I’ve tried Things and i think it’s great, but i haven’t bought it because cloud sync it’s a must for me. Reading it is in the works it’s really great!

  6. Jürgen Apr 02, 2010

    @Paul Morgen: There is a “Troubleshooting” link in the Devices pref pane that will bring you here:
    Syncing between Mac and iPhone/iPod touch (FAQ)

    The following article might also be helpful:
    Resolving network related sync issues between Mac and iPhone/iPod touch (FAQ)

  7. Benjamin Apr 02, 2010

    This version has caused my iPhone to sync soooo much faster than all the previous versions. I was shocked after it synced that it updated everything.

  8. Jürgen Apr 02, 2010

    @Benjamin: Good point, I should have repeated this above. :) We mentioned it already in the previous post on Things touch 1.4. Things for Mac 1.3.2 has support for the faster sync protocol that was already implemented in Things for iPhone and iPod touch 1.4. So if you are using both Things Mac 1.3.2 and Things touch 1.4 you get faster syncing.

  9. Matt Apr 02, 2010

    I’m so excited for cloud sync. Very curious about how it’s going to be implemented.

  10. Jürgen Apr 02, 2010

    @Hans Schaaps: Thanks for reporting this. We have already been able to identify the problem. We will post an update later today.

  11. Adam Apr 02, 2010

    I downloaded and installed this update, but now when I start Things, nothing shows up on the screen. I go to “Window” and click “Things” and the window loads up completely blank. I clicked the + sign to add something but when I clicked “Project,” nothing happened.

  12. Nico Apr 02, 2010

    Great news!
    I’am excited about cloud sync too!
    Any time frame?

  13. Tim Wilson Apr 02, 2010

    Any changes to how “highlight” option scheduled tasks are converted during sync?


  14. Jürgen Apr 02, 2010

    @Tim Wilson: The “highlight” option is not yet available on the iPhone, but it is certainly on our radar.

  15. Thomas Apr 02, 2010

    I observe “Things” now quite some time. I really like the interface all the ideas behind. Still the missing “cloud sync” feature keeps me from purchasing it yet.

    I have to sync my stuff between 3 machines (+iPhone and maybe iPad later ^^) and if you make that happen you got me. :-)

    So it’s nice to hear that there is something neat on the horizon.


  16. Keith Apr 02, 2010

    I too have been bitten by the ‘completely empty application’ bug >_<

  17. Peter Apr 02, 2010

    Just updated to 1.3.2 and thing is dead after restarting. All my info is gone, I just get an empty screen. :(

  18. Jürgen Apr 02, 2010

    @Peter, Keith, Adam, Hans Schaaps: A fix for the issue you reported is available now. Please chose “Check for Updates…” from the Things menu. You should get the option to download Things 1.3.3 which contains the fix.

  19. Hans Schaaps Apr 02, 2010

    Installed 1.33 and now it’s working like a charm, no data lost.
    Thank you for the quick fix!

  20. Tim Wilson Apr 02, 2010

    @Jürgen: So during sync, all “highlight” scheduled tasks on Mac (whether due or not) get converted to “show in today”, same as with the previous version?


  21. Keith Apr 02, 2010

    Version 1.3.3 fixes the issue for me too, thanks for the quick turnaround guys, I appreciate it.

  22. Jürgen Apr 02, 2010

    @Tim: Correct.

  23. adrinux Apr 02, 2010

    @Jürgen: I waited for 1.3.3 before upgrading, now tasks with a url pasted in have a lot of duplicated xml, like:

    <note xml:space="preserve"><a href=""></a>

    and a tailing:


    This is happening to varing extents (the number of duplicates varies) in each task with a pasted url.

  24. Doug Dale Apr 02, 2010

    The sync with my iPod Touch is fast, but I’m not getting all the events now. It looks like my recurring events are all missing (on the iPod Touch). (Using 1.3.3 and TT 1.4).

  25. meb Apr 02, 2010

    How about Android sync?

  26. Ibrahim Al-Abdulwahab Apr 02, 2010

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU! for your well updated blog and keeping your customers informed about the work that is going for our favorite todo application.

    Thanks again, and keep up the great efforts and spirit :-)


  27. Benji Apr 02, 2010

    I really hope the cloud sync isn’t just WebDav or Mobile Me. I can do everything with Google Apps that Mobile Me does except “find my iphone” and that’s not worth $100 a year.

  28. Ken Apr 02, 2010


    This only syncs between iPhone/iPad, but is it able to also sync between two Macs on the same LAN?

  29. af Apr 02, 2010


  30. DCB Apr 02, 2010

    Thanks, Guys!

  31. Larry Deckel Apr 02, 2010

    Already own Things for the Mac, and purchased things for the iphone. Now, Things for Ipad has arrived. Great that you have it for all three platforms.

    BUT…. there ought to be some sort of ‘bundling’ pricing available so that someone who supports your entire ‘product line’ (or is it a device line) can buy the additional versions at some sort of discount.

    I think $19.99 may be reasonable for pricing the Ipad version for someone who is using it only on the Ipad…. but for someone who has already invested in the other 2 versions, don’t we get any break?

    In a sense, adding on additional ‘versions’ should be treated like upgrading. If you already own one product, you ought to get a discount for additional ‘device modules’.

    Sure wish you (and other software manufacturers) would consider it. Otherwise, getting an application that works on multiple devices starts to become price-point impractical.

  32. David M. Apr 02, 2010

    The screen previews on iTunes for the iPad version don’t show support for Areas. Are Areas supported by the iPad app?


  33. Konrad Kierys Apr 02, 2010

    After update Things on Mac to 1.3.3 and then syncing with Things on iPhone (1.4) doesn’t work. It says that syncing is in progress but nothig happens. I had to unpair and pair again my iPhone. Could you check what’s wrong.

  34. julian Apr 02, 2010

    hey guys,

    I am impressed with the increased presence.
    I also love the status page for on going projects.(cool looking)

    Larry and Simon do bring up a good point. 80 bucks for running the same app on three different/yet similar devices? …ouch.
    I might give in to the ipad version if we get good cloud syncing. and after looking at the projects site PUSH

  35. Jeff Zacharias Apr 02, 2010

    I can’t wait for could sync. It had just better have the option to use MobileMe!

  36. Jürgen Apr 02, 2010

    @David. M.: Areas do sync to the iPad version too.

  37. Jürgen Apr 02, 2010

    @Konrad Kierys: I believe this was only a UI glitch. From what I can gather right now, there seem to be situations where the syncing actually proceeds fine, but the progress window isn’t updated properly.

  38. Doug Dale Apr 02, 2010

    Regarding my earlier comment about syncing problems: Deleting and re-pairing the device seems to have solved the problem.

  39. Theo Mills Apr 02, 2010

    After upgrading to 1.3.3 my iphone (1.4) says it is syncs, but it doesn’t actually reflect the task list on my laptop. It other words, it is no longer syncing though it says it does.


  40. Theo Mills Apr 02, 2010

    OK, I had to re-pair and now things appear to be syncing.

  41. af Apr 02, 2010

    @Konrad Kierys: I’d got exactly the same problem and I solved it just removing my iPod Touch from the list devices in preferences and adding it again.

  42. Jim Apr 03, 2010

    Just watched the video for Things iPad – brilliant! Can’t wait for tomorrow.

    I have no problem with the additional fees for the different devices. You guys work hard to deliver a beautiful, effortless program and you should be compensated for it.

    Great job!

  43. smile sms Apr 03, 2010