• Getting Started Guide

        Fixed a bug where, in some circumstances, new users might not know how to use the app :) Read our blog post and the guide.


        Published on May 8, 2014

      • Things for iPad 2.3.1

        64-bit support and some bug fixes. Details can be found in the release notes.


        Released on October 1, 2014

      • Things for Mac 2.5

        Enhancements for OS X Yosemite, including a refreshed UI, a new Today widget for notification center, a new “Add to Things” extension, and Handoff support. Details can be found in the release notes.


        Released on October 16, 2014

      • Things for iPhone 2.5.2

        Handoff support, bug fixes and stability improvements. Details can be found in the release notes.


        Released on October 16, 2014

      • Things for iPad 2.5

        Enhancements for iOS 8, including a refreshed UI, the new “Add to Things” extension, Handoff support, background fetch, and the new app icon.

        In Beta

        Private beta testing underway.

      • Things for iPhone 2.5.3

        Bug fixes and stability improvements.

        In Beta

        Private beta testing underway.

      • Things for iOS 2.6

        A Today Widget for the iOS Notification Center on iPhone and iPad. Have a look.

        In Development

      • Things 3

        Things 3 is a major update and will be available for the Mac, iPad and iPhone. It introduces a fresh new visual style, a revised user interface, more structure for your lists, and an array of great new features that are designed to make you more productive.

        Here we’ll share our progress and interesting tidbits about the development of Things 3 as we work towards the release:

        • Porting some of our Things 2 enhancements for iOS over to Things 3. October 13
        • Working on our Today Widget for Notification Center, which will also be available in Things 2 soon. October 6
        • Enhanced keyboard navigation in the sidebar (Mac). September 30
        • Building a new control to set the start of a to-do (Mac). September 10
        • Built a new move dialog for the Mac. August 28
        • Restructured and polished the layout of task editing on the Mac. August 5
        • New design of the quick entry and tag editing windows is now complete. July 31
        • Adjusted our animation framework to work nicely with iOS 8. July 24
        • Artwork and icons for the preferences window have been finalized (Mac). July 16
        • The tag filter bar for the Mac version has been finalized. July 10
        • Performance improvements for Things’ cross-platform model layer (iOS & Mac). July 2
        • The most important button in Things 3 is now complete. June 24
        • Spent some time with Things 3 in Yosemite, and its design is a great fit with OS X’s new style. June 13
        • We’ve returned from a spectacular WWDC. We’re excited about the new announcements and their potential for Things. June 10
        • Ported our little animation toolkit from iOS back to Mac. May 27
        • Streamlined adding items to the inbox quickly on iOS. Very handy :) May 21
        • Revised drag and drop behavior again to better honor user intent. It’s more sensible now. May 16
        • Our scrolling date picker is now adjusted for iOS 7 and ported to the Mac. May 6
        • Finished implementing one of the signature new features of Things 3. April 30
        • Finished building a new custom popover for iPhone and iPad. April 15
        • All-new sidebar icons added just in time for the Mac’s 100th alpha build. April 7
        • Decided on the final gestures for iOS. March 31
        • The Mac app has now received its custom window chrome. March 19
        • Animations! March 13
        • Polishing drag and drop of tasks. March 5
        • Tag editing and displaying on the Mac is ready. February 28
        • Turns out resizing table views on Mavericks is not as performant as you’d think. Problem solved, moving on to the next one. February 20
        • Finished implementing the preferences and other settings. February 14
        • Many ongoing visual and behavioral refinements of existing features. February 10
        • Adjusted Quick Entry with Autofill to work in Things 3. Sandboxing is always fun to work around... January 27
        • Built mechanism to migrate data from Things 2 to Things 3. January 19
        • Decided on the final design of task editing on iOS. January 10
        • iOS and Mac coding recommenced after the holidays. January 2
        • Blog post announcing Things 3. December 20
        • Our new iOS icon is taking shape. December 9
        • We’ve started using Things 3 for Mac with our own databases, though not all features are complete yet. December 1

        In Alpha