An Empty Canvas

If it is not just a different “form factor”, if it is not just old software with the “touch experience” added, then what is it? What makes the iPad so special we just had to develop Things for iPad?

For sure, the introduction of the iPad today marks the arrival of a new platform. And there is hardly anything more exciting for a software developer than the introduction of a new platform. But this isn’t just any platform.

If you want to understand what makes the iPad special, you cannot look at what it has, but what it doesn’t have. The iPad is so thin and light, it becomes the display, and the display becomes the application. No input devices. The device vanishes and turns into the application you are using. The technology is transparent.

Blank Canvas

Steve Jobs said about the iPod that “it is all about the music”. With the iPad, Apple has done the same for personal computing as it has done before with the iPod: it made technology go away. But if the device is gone, and the operating system is gone, what is left?

The iPad is an empty canvas that invites us to imagine what is possible. It inspires our imagination and it makes us want to create, because never before were we able to create software that was so close to the user.

Developing Things for iPad in such a short amount of time was exciting, it was hard work, and it was a whole lot of fun. You can see how much fun we had by watching the Things for iPad introduction video. Please enjoy it.


  1. Aaron Mickelson Apr 03, 2010

    I actually didn’t want an iPad until I saw the screenshots for its version of Things. Really beautiful execution.

  2. Drew Barontini Apr 03, 2010

    Well put, guys! You really did an amazing job with the application. I now have my todos on my iPhone, iMac, and now my iPad. And they all look beautiful to boot. Keep up the good work!

  3. HueyP Apr 03, 2010

    Bought it. Synced it. Used it.

    It looks great.

    Wonderful work, guys, wonderful work.

  4. Aleksandar Apr 03, 2010

    That video is amazing, magnificent work, on-par with ads that Apple does. Hats off guys.

    Anxiously waiting for my iPad to arrive in few long weeks (I’m non-US).

  5. Grischa Apr 03, 2010

    Sehr cooles Video!

  6. Thiemo Gillissen Apr 03, 2010

    same here! just about to consider buying one because of things’ beautiful interface on the iPad ;)

  7. Anthony Hocken Apr 03, 2010

    I own Things for the Mac and iPhone. I always forget to manually sync over Wifi. These all really need an automated way to sync over the Internet before you expect us to pay $20 for the iPad app! Using this app on multiple devices is a pain and is limiting its usefulness for me. I want this to “just work” for it to fit into my work flow.

  8. Jürgen Apr 03, 2010

    @Anthony Hocken: We are indeed working on cloud sync. Please see the remark at the end of my previous post and here: Arrivals.

  9. Keith Apr 03, 2010

    I have to admit, I bought Things for the iPad; and I don’t even have one yet.

  10. Kesskisspass Apr 03, 2010

    Project: Plan Wedding
    Task 1: Find a girl
    It seems that you have to add some sub-levels tasks to Things, because “Find a girl” couldn’t be a simple task, it’s a whole-life-lucky-project !

    Really great ad/Video, congrats !

    Cheers from France !

  11. Max Apr 03, 2010

    Perfect article. And it would be even better to read it on my iPad instead of my iPhone.. Hopefully they’ll arrive in Germany soon. Can’t wait to push the Things icon the first time! Awesome work guys!

  12. Anders Apr 03, 2010

    I must say your video made me want an iPad. Great work!

  13. mangochutney Apr 03, 2010

    As with the iPhone, I will buy the iPad (in due time) mainly for the excellent software that is available for it.
    Things is one of those apps, 1Password is another.
    The iPhone 3G was bought or PlecoDict, Things and 1Password.

  14. Moo Apr 04, 2010

    Apple should feature this on their site. Really great video and Things for iPad looks awesome. Congrats!

  15. Devan Apr 04, 2010


  16. Davo Apr 04, 2010

    What’s that song playing in the video? Did you do it specifically for the occasion?

    Anyway, fantastic promo. Cheers!

  17. gtcaz Apr 04, 2010

    Wonderful promo video — an instant classic. Well done, indeed!

    What’s the tune you used?

  18. Michael Apr 04, 2010

    @Davo @gtcaz: The song was written for the video by a friend of ours. Thanks for the kind words, we’ll let him know! :)

  19. Juliano Rossi Apr 04, 2010

    Interface is really beautiful, has a solid and futurist “touch” that just make me say to myself: I WANT THIS APP.
    But i think i WONT buy it for now, just because of the price. I mean, with 1Password i can have a universal app(iPhone and iPad versions) for just $10(in the future $15). With Things i need to pay $30 if i want this combination of iphone and ipad apps. Sorry about this comparation, but i ALWAYS look at Things and 1Password just like the perfect couple of examples for good features, good looking and good price apps, nothing inside the appstore could beat you both. But for the “iPad App Store”, I only think that way when i look at 1Password, not both.
    I believe the honest price would be $10 for the iPad-only version, and $15/20 for the universal app.
    We both know it was much more difficult to develop the iPhone original version(because it was developed starting with nothing) than the iPad version(which probably has almost all lines based/copied from the iPhone version)… and i just can’t understand why the iPad version should cost more, if it takes less work to get done. iPad and iPhone versions should cost the same. Universal app should cost less then iPhone + iPad indivual prices.
    Please, think about.

  20. Juliano Rossi Apr 04, 2010

    By the way, the Video promo is SOOOOO apple-like, Couldn’t be more beautiful. Congratulations!

  21. Shollkee Apr 04, 2010

    Is it possible to release the UI style to Things for Mac? I love the look of Project design.

  22. frou Apr 04, 2010


    I will likely buy it if I get an iPad. (Can you believe they still haven’t announced the European prices?)

  23. frou Apr 04, 2010

    P.S. The cute illustrations that accompany Things announcements are a lovely touch.

  24. Robbie Deol Apr 04, 2010

    I got Things for Mac when i was working at Apple. After using it for a day, I bought iPhone version of Things. I use it everyday in my life. Totally love it.

    I have it on my website in my Favourite Apps area.

    Definitely looking forward to use it on iPad when we get here in Canada.

    Good work guys,


  25. Josh Apr 04, 2010

    No discount for those that have bought the desktop and iPhone ver. already? Becoming a very expensive task management app.

  26. Debbie Ohi Apr 04, 2010

    I picked up my iPad this morning and bought the $20 Things app, but have been unable to successfully sync. I’ve tried the “synch mobile devices” command and had both the desktop Things & iPad Things open, but they don’t seem to be talking to each other. :-(

    Any advice appreciated. I was already hesitant about the $20 pricetag; I had hoped that loyal Things customers who had already bought the desktop & iPhone versions would be able to get some discount. But I decided to go ahead because I wanted to support the continuing development of Things.

    (@ipadgirl on Twitter)

  27. Dan Seals Apr 04, 2010

    I have to agree with an earlier comment. I have Things for desktop and Things for iPhone. Now Things for iPad is another $20… I mean, $80 for the 3 apps… That’s a lotta dough! I’m all for paying for good quality software, I own 1password as well, and it’s hard to justify a separate app. And not just because they are going with the universal app, I had this conversation with a friend when the iPad was announced, how pricing was going to work and it’s just gotten really expensive. I’m almost at 20% of the cost of an iPad in 3 versions of Things, and no discounts for your most loyal customers. I say go universal or give a discount code for individuals that have already spent $60 with you guys.

    My .02, so now we’re at $60.02. ;-)

  28. Michael Apr 04, 2010

    @Debbie: Be certain all devices are on the same network (it seems simple, but I’ve had this happen simply because I wasn’t on the same network) and then try to unpair and repair the devices. If you are still having an issue, please contact support:

  29. Panny Apr 04, 2010

    Fantastic ad… and song… all said above but really had to reinforce the praise. Can’t wait to get my iPad, just been playing all day on a friends one. Seems like the iPad is perfect for Things (or is that the other way around?). You deserve great success on the App on iPad and cloud syncing will be the icing on the cake.

  30. BrutusD Apr 04, 2010

    very poetic post. thx! mmd

  31. Jens Alfke Apr 04, 2010

    I’m another Things lover who’s disappointed by the price. I’ve loyally bought two versions so far, and just plunked down $500 for my iPad; I don’t think I’m ready to spend another $20 to make Things un-pixelly (and yes, prettier and more featureful) on it.

    If I could get a discount, I’d buy it immediately, though!

  32. Bobex Apr 04, 2010

    Good app – I find it very useful day to day. But this pricing strategy is a real distraction for me. I have the Iphone and Mac version. You say in your blog that it was really rapid to develop. I can imagine far less time than the iPhone version due to the same code base. So why the price premium and not a universal app that does not penalise existing users so heavily? It seems like a poor judgement call in terms of your customer relationships

    i.e. I for one feel exploited.

  33. Rekalcitrant Apr 04, 2010

    I’m a big fan of Things and have been using it since it was in beta, but the price of the iPad app is causing me to reconsider. As others have noted, $80 to get Things on three devices is very hefty. I suspect the price will frustrate many long-term supporters (like me) and also cut down on the number of new adopters. I really like the software, but this is the one app I thought I would buy on day one that I have held off on.

  34. Annette Apr 04, 2010

    Eigentlich brauch ich kein iPad … wirklich nicht ;) Aber Things for iPad sieht soooo cool aus, dass es sich allein deswegen schon lohnt, eins zu kaufen.

  35. Matthias Apr 04, 2010

    That’s THE best reason to buy an iPad! Really!!!

  36. anon Apr 04, 2010

    Really Guys? Making us pay again? Total Price for Things to be running properly: $80. Really? I LOVE the iPhone and Mac version. Y not have a hybrid iPhone/iPad version like everybody else? Don’t take your customers for loop.

  37. Aj Apr 04, 2010

    Hi I have things 1.4 on iPhone and just downloaded things for iPad. I do not have. Things for Mac. I am not able to sync between iPad and iPhone and do not see any commands to do the device management your posts allude to.

    Please let me know how to achieve syncing between the iPad and iPhone. My iPad purchase for $20 will be worthless without the syncing capability.

  38. Jürgen Apr 04, 2010

    @many: Pricing is indeed an important topic. We put a lot of consideration into it, and most importantly, tried to make a responsible decision. Responsibility means, above anything else, to take the future into account. I’ll get to that below. Let me start by giving a few facts.

    - We couldn’t just simply reuse what we had for the iPhone. We needed to completely rethink the user interface. A lot of work was (and still is) going into this, and this doesn’t include a single line of code. This is purely work on the user interface and user experience.

    - The artwork for Things for iPad had to be completely redone. Our designer Christian Krämer created hundreds of design variants of various aspects of the visual design.

    - Most of the code is user interface related.

    - Four people were working crazy hours, pulling off quite a few all nighters. We even had to hire an external contractor to make it happen.

    Now lets talk about the future:

    - We are going to aggressively continue the development of the iPad version. We are hiring at this very moment.

    - Over time, I expect the user interface code of the iPad version to completely diverge from the iPhone and Mac versions. This is a whole new product for us.

    - We need to provide additional technical support. Users of the iPad version will run into iPad-specific issues. We hiring here too.

    - People are already telling us that they will use the iPad version as their main app for managing to-dos. In the future we expect less people to be interested in the Mac version anymore.

    To summarize, if you want to act responsibly as a software company, you need to make sure you will be able to continue to develop and support your product for years to come. And that is exactly what we are doing.

    It is our mission today to make people more productive. And I am doing everything to keep this our goal for the foreseeable future.

  39. Jürgen Apr 04, 2010

    @Aj: At the time of this writing, the Mac version serves as the only hub for syncing any number of mobile devices. But we are working on improving this in a free future update.

  40. david myers Apr 04, 2010

    I love Things! However, your last comment about people in the future being less interested in the mac version scared me. My laptop is open all-day and most of the content I add is via the mbp and not my iphone. Don’t ignore the mac version in the future. It is a wonderful hub. Yes, many will buy just an iphone and ipad, but many of us will use all three platforms.

  41. Dave Apr 04, 2010

    At a cost of less than $0.22 (CDN) cents a day using all three versions of Things on my three separate devices – it is MORE than worth the productivity increase. I buy one less coffee a week and it pays for Things. Hmmm…. :)

    @Jürgen I am pretty sure that most people are completely unaware of how much time and sweat equity go into making a piece of software like Things. The design of the UI for the iPad is worth the $20 alone. It is much more complicated than just copying and throwing a bunch of code around. I find it so interesting that people complain about the price ($20) and then go out to a movie and blow twice as much for something one-tenth as important. A movie last for 2 hours .. I can use Things on my iPad everyday all year. A little cost-benefit analysis goes a long way :)

    Keep up the good work gentlemen – I appreciate your all-nighters!!

    ps. Thanks for keep ‘cloud sync’ in your laser focus :) It will be amazing when done.

  42. Dan Seals Apr 04, 2010

    I never said $20 for the iPad specific app was a bad price by itself, I just think of someone owns all 3 you should consider a discount. Your most loyal customers will only enhance the product as they take part in forum discussions, feature requests, etc. I agree that this app is equal to the cost of a pair of movie tickts as someone had said above, but even my movie theater gives me a free movie after I’ve seen a few. ;-)

    The support requests from individuals that own both desktop and iPhone Things have to be of the more intelligent and insightful variety. As opposed to users who only own the iPad app and are more likely to be like, “umm, what do I do…”

  43. Steve Apr 04, 2010

    Hi first off I love things. I have it running on two devices as of now. My iPhone and Mac syncs perfectly over wireless, even though wifi sync requires a lot of attentions that is in contrary to Things mantra.

    Anyhow, also being a software company practitioner, I don’t think the 20 bucks on a separate version is reasonable. First if people have things on a mobile device it is more than likely hthey already spent 50 on Mac version and 10 on iPhone version. Another 20 for an overhaul seems quite excessive. I think a discount for the iPad vesion would be reasonable. Otherwise what would really be the difference if I just run my iPhone app on iPad, though smaller, and less fashionable, It is still fully functionanle.

    Second, I think pricing aside, I think the popularity is also another factor we need to consider. Overall culture code is an nice company, however, the price for all these should-be-integrated solution would Make one wonder the. Future direction.

    Anyhow just .02.

  44. Matt Bettinson Apr 04, 2010

    Reasonable price for an amazing peice of software. Although hiding my iPad under my desk in school will be rather difficult ;)

  45. Minimalist Apr 04, 2010

    @Jürgen as long as you all continue to aggressively develop Things for Mac and Things for iPhone (which both, especially the iPhone, still need more development) then we’re ok. Don’t let the iPad take your eye off the ball.

    Maybe its actually a good time to write up a PROPER roadmap so we know where this is all going and better prepare for it (or not). Especially with comments like

    “n the future we expect less people to be interested in the Mac version anymore”

    I’d be interested in what your future vision is.

  46. Minimalist Apr 04, 2010

    And I think the pricing is cool as if it helps keep things alive and kicking at a good pace. And the Things for iPad looks very nice. Good job as usual.

  47. Rob1 Apr 04, 2010

    Congrats – Things for iPad looks awesome…and thanks or using TIP instead of TP as its abbreviation ;)

    Trying to resist until cloud sync lands. Keeping up the nice work.

  48. Todd Apr 04, 2010

    The lynchpin for broad adoption is Cloud Sync. Are you even considering MobileMe syncing as an option? PLEASE start releasing details about sync, as many people now have three thing platforms that they’d like to keep in sync.

  49. Tim Apr 04, 2010

    First I love Thngs, it is one of the best iphone/mac apps. I do not understand the reasoning in jacking the price for this release. If this was a truly new “divergent” release perhaps I could rationalize paying 20.00 for this version of Things. As is I will continue to use the Iphone version on the Ipad until it is broken to usher in the divergent version or I find something better.

  50. Kote Apr 05, 2010

    Cool! Next step should be a web-based interface to access my tasks from every pc! :)

  51. Erin Apr 05, 2010

    Longtime Things user (and big fan), and planning to pick up an iPad once the 3G model comes out. Looking at the screenshots for the iPad version, something is jumping out at me. Where is the “Areas” feature in the iPad version? I use this feature a lot on Things for Mac, and am a little bummed to see that it’s been dropped from the iPad version. Am I missing it?

  52. David Apr 05, 2010

    I can understand charging $20 to new users buying the mobile version for the first time, but I do think a universal app would be better, with an in-app upgrade option for current iPhone users to get the iPad version for say $10. I don’t think anyone would have griped about that, and I would have been happy to pay it myself. But another $20 on top of the $60 already spent is making Things as costly as OmniFocus, and I think cost was one of your great advantages over the team at OmniGroup. This was one of the apps I expected to buy on April 3rd when I got my iPad, but like other longtime users above I”ve decided to take a wait and see approach, and hopefully you’ll put it on sale (recession sale!) or find a way to allow current users to upgrade for a discounted price.

  53. Simon Apr 05, 2010

    The iPad video is beautiful, and like some of the other commenters i have brought the iPad version without having my iPad yet!!

    Cloud syncing will be the ultimate, i hope that particular project lands soon.

    Keep up the excellent work.

  54. Annette Apr 05, 2010

    Just my two cents zu der Preisgestaltung: Ich nutze Things seit gut 1,5 Jahren täglich auf dem MacBook und auf dem iPhone. Beides funktioniert hervorragend und ist vom Design her einfach umwerfend. Noch immer ist es einfach eine Freude, diese To-Do-App täglich zu nutzen. Ok, ganz “billig” ist sie nicht. Aber wenn ich mir überlege, wie viel verschiedene Apps ich ansonsten unter Umständen ausprobiert hätte … da käm ich mit Sicherheit auch auf eine hübsche Summe ;) Es gibt nur wenige Apps, ohne die ich mir meine tägliche Arbeit nicht mehr vorstellen kann. Things zählt in jedem Fall dazu und ist für mich jeden Cent wert.

  55. Bjørn Tennøe Apr 05, 2010

    Things Team,

    In my going-to-buy-an-iPad enthusiasm, I went to the App Store today to see what items are available at launch.

    I saw Things for iPad. I saw the price tag. I got seriously taken aback.

    When I bought the Mac and iPhone version, I was happy to support an independent developer. I felt I had signed into a contract, putting some substantial cash on the table to get a cross-platform experience. Then I had the well documented sync issues, which put a huge dent in my trust. And now this hostage-level price for the iPad app.

    It is just too much. The iPad App price would have been acceptable if this was the only platform to sign up for. But for existing iPhone+desktop customers, it is unacceptable.

    The crux is, I ALREADY PAID YOU. Eighty dollars for the full suite – it’s dishonest.

    Make your applications free and ask for a subscription (like Spotify, Netflix etc., but non expiring), with free roll on for everyone that has already purchased one or more apps. Make it a tiered subscription if you like, with iPhone-only cheap and iPhone+iPad+Mac pricey. Or do something similar to have your iPad dev expense covered.

    SOLUTION 2: LIGHTWEIGHT UPSCALE of the Things for Iphone App, so it at least renders correctly on the iPad. And then the other iPad app for the people that are ready to pay the premium.

    SOLUTION 3: MONEY BACK for the people that bought the Desktop app – yes, the EXISTING CUSTOMERS; the ones you told “In the future we expect less people to be interested in the Mac version anymore.”

    But those solutions are daydreaming. In real life, you offer no OTA redundancy to your wi-fi issues, there’s no sign of a web version, and now this.
    I am seriously disappointed and no longer a Things customer.

    Sincerely, Bjørn Tennøe

  56. iCoco Apr 05, 2010

    Great app, great ad!

    I am not joining into the unhappy-about-the-pricing chorus. Certainly, some kind of discount for loyal customers or a bundle offer would have been nice. But then I see that developing such cool apps should be honored. Good stuff costs. And premium products carry premium price tags. So in the end this ok with me.

    However, having to pay a premium price, I expect premium products, every single one with all important features included and working perfectly. At present, this is not the case. Right now, you are lost without the Mac version as main hub. Two issues immediately spring to my mind:

    1.) Recurring Tasks

    As long as repeating tasks don’t work on iPad or iPhone alone without using the Mac version to feed them, you’ll be stuck with Things for Mac as your main app.

    2.) Cloud sync (MobileMe)

    As I understand, there is no proper syncing without the Things for Mac version included in the process. As long as none of the mobile versions support all features (like recurring tasks), any device must interact with Things for Mac.

    Jürgen stated above that over time the iPad version might replace the Mac version as main app for many users. That’s certainly what I am thinking. We already carry our iPhones always with us; and my guess is that for many future iPad owners this device will be withing short reach most of the time, much more “intimate” (as Steve said) than a Macbook. So sync only works if the mobile versions really will be fully featured and able to be used “standalone”.

    So that’s what I am expecting from Cultured Code: Give the full feature set to every single one of your apps (recurring tasks in first place) and let them sync over MobileMe. So every user may choose the combination of devices he prefers.

  57. Not That Steve Apr 05, 2010

    What a fantastic video! Love Things. Your friend that did the music is obviously very talented too. It’s enough to persuade me to but the app (and the iPad!). Very slick and professional looking.

  58. planetMitch Apr 05, 2010

    A couple of things (bad pun) as I start to really try hard to keep organized (which I’m really bad at for over 50 years).

    Initially, I wasn’t happy about paying $20 for the iPad version, but thought it would be essential for my organization. I therefore realized the price was justified.

    Things I want fixed right away in iPad version:

    Draggable items to re-order! It is in the mac version and is a must have feature.

    I don’t know why, but if I manage items on the mac version and then re-launch things iPad, I often get blank items all over the iPad version – I haven’t yet figured out if they are new items or ones I marked as finished or what.

    I want things to open exactly where I left off when I closed things on the iPad – because with the single tasking on the iPad, sometimes you’ve got to switch to another app for just a few minutes and it would be great to come back exactly to where I was working in things

    you’ve got to make links tapable in the iPad – it would be awesome to just open the browser within things – but if you can’t do that, then send me to safari, but things really has to recognize links anywhere and make them links!

    I wasn’t totally happy with the projects implementation but I understand why you did it I think. Too many projects would make the left navigation horrible. So I’ve changed my way of doing projects and made them into areas – simply because that’s several fewer taps. Tho I realize that makes them less desirable (since I can’t edit the titles etc for areas on the iPad at this time).

    Did I mention that items MUST be draggable in the iPad version?? Tap and hold to drag is what I think apple is doing in the iWork apps. But I’ve got to be able to re-order tasks at any time in the iPad version or it is very very less desirable. I know there is a ‘move’ button in the info, but that is only to move the item to a new project etc…

    An item listed in the ‘today’ list – I tapped on ‘move’ and told it to move to ‘today’ list (yes, silly), but it disappeared from the today list! I shouldn’t be allowed to do this.

    In a list view, when the info window is open, tapping on another item in the list should keep the info item open, and switch the data to the new item, not hide the info window (the hide should happen tapping outside the list). Right now, to switch the info list to a new item takes two taps – which is one too many

    I’m sure I’ll think of more later – overall, I’m pleased with the product so far – assuming I can drag items around soon :)


  59. Andrew Coyne Apr 05, 2010

    Just looking at the video – there doesn’t seem to be the same filtering-by-multiple tags capability as on the Mac version. Instead, it looks suspiciously like the iPhone version, with its far less useful single-tag filtering. Please tell me this is not the case.

  60. Dunstan Apr 05, 2010

    Your video appears to be down. I get told that the reference movie can’t be found.

  61. Denis Kabistan Apr 05, 2010

    The Things for iPad video wasn’t loading, might want to take a look at that.

  62. Jürgen Apr 05, 2010

    @Dunstan, Denis Kabistan: Thanks for reporting this. The issue is now fixed. Alternatively, you can also find the video on YouTube.

  63. Jürgen Apr 05, 2010

    @Erin: No worries, areas work on the iPad too. They are just missing in the screen shots.

  64. Jürgen Apr 05, 2010

    @iCoco: I completely agree. Solutions to the points you raised are in the works.

  65. Jürgen Apr 05, 2010

    @Andrew Coyne: Your observation is correct. But this is entirely due to the lack of time we had to complete version 1.0. In the months ahead, we will be looking at every user interaction to see how it can be further enhanced. You can expect us to release a number of free updates that will deliver more improvements.

  66. Mike Evangelist Apr 06, 2010

    I also feel that the price is excessive. Frankly, I was shocked that there’s no upgrade pricing for owners of iPhone and Mac versions.

  67. Robby Apr 06, 2010

    I absolutely love things on my mac and iPhone and the iPad version looks amazing. I can truly say that this is a product worthy of Apple themselves. I’m okay with the price of things for the iPad because it’s such a great product. One thing that others have mentioned as a crucial feature is cloud sync. I very much appreciate the Arrivals page and its info, but I just don’t know what “full speed” means with respect to the arrival of cloud sync. Obviously, I know that means you’re working full speed on it, but does that mean it will be ready in one month, two, months, six months, a year (hopefully not). If you could please just give us some general time frame for when this is supposed to come out that would be very much appreciated. Once cloud sync comes out my productivity with Things is going to shoot through the roof.

  68. Paul Apr 06, 2010

    Love the iPad app. One issue. The scheduled events on my mac do not show up in the scheduled events section on the iPad?!? Am I missing something?

  69. Guillermo Alvarez Apr 06, 2010

    I am also a loyal owner of the iphone and mac version of things and it would be nice to have an early adopter discount or something of the sort….just a thought :-)

  70. Neil Apr 06, 2010

    @ Jürgen: I really love Things and I’ve been using it since around when it first came out. Regarding your comment that “In the future we expect less people to be interested in the Mac version anymore,” please don’t make such assumptions!!

    I love your iPad version of Things, but I don’t see an iPad fitting anywhere in my life. Moreover, the usefulness of Things on a Mac and an iPhone is a HUGE deal; it’s not about to go away! Please don’t ignore this important platform as the iPad inevitably gains in popularity.

  71. Jürgen Apr 06, 2010

    @Neil, david myers: No worries! If anything, we will be adding more products and platforms. We are not a single bit less enthusiastic about the Mac. What I was referring to above was cannibalization (Wikipedia). Something that inevitably has to be taken into account when introducing a new product.

  72. Johny Apr 06, 2010

    Yes, a bundled discount is appropriate. Please find a way to do this, because as others have pointed out $80 is an inordinate amount of money for a single user. Parallels or fusion cost less than that, and we are talking here about big development projects.

    I really like your work, and I absolutely love the style and charm in your products, so please enable me to support them and spread the word with fair prices, and prices that reward loyal users.

  73. Anthony Apr 06, 2010

    Guys – Love the work but I think it’s a bit rough that a lot of other good developers are making universal app’s.

    I just feel like I am always paying for Thing’s – and now I am too far in to stop buying.

  74. David Collantes Apr 06, 2010

    Simply beautiful.

  75. Justin Reese Apr 06, 2010

    1. Wonderful news.
    2. Superb video.
    3. Why does the iPad in the video say “Device” on the back? Obviously it’s a virtual iPad, given you didn’t have one in-hand when producing the video, but why “Device”?