Things touch 1.1 Syncs, Syncs, Syncs

This morning, Apple gave the green light for Things touch 1.1. The most prominent new feature is the ability to sync with the desktop version of Things. It took us quite some time to find and fix most of the syncing related bugs, many of which were reported by our 100 brave beta testers. Thanks to all of you!

Other improvements are a faster dialog for entering new to-dos, an app icon badge, and a customization of the automatic logging behavior. We have also added localizations for French, Spanish, and Japanese.

Enabling Sync

Please make sure that you have both the latest desktop version (0.9.4) and the latest iPhone version (1.1) installed. Also, both your Mac and your iPhone/iPod touch have to be connected to the same wireless network. To turn on syncing, start Things on the desktop, go to Preferences > iPhone, and follow the on-screen instructions.

App Icon Badge and Automatic Logging

The app icon badge is disabled by default. To enable it, just launch the Settings application on your iPhone and go to the Things settings screen. The automatic logging behavior can be changed in this screen as well.

What’s Next

The past few weeks have been quite a ride. We all worked very hard to get the syncing update out, so now is the time for us to relax a bit and refill our energy. We have also found a wonderful new office to move into which no doubt will boost our productivity even more :)

Once we are back to coding, there are quite a few to-do items on our list. First, the desktop app will see some long awaited improvements that will push it closer to 1.0. The iPhone version will also get updates that bring bug fixes (if you find any), and support for Tags and Areas. We will post more details on the roadmap as soon as we get to it. And as always, we will keep you updated on our progress via Twitter.


  1. memobug Aug 19, 2008

    Is sync wifi only or does it support .mac/.me or webdav? I have it running and it did sync, but it looks to be a wifi only operation.

  2. Michael Flower Aug 19, 2008

    This is great news. Now all I am waiting for is release of a new iPod touch so I can make use of this app to keep every Thing(s) in synch.

  3. AW Aug 19, 2008

    Downloading the iPhone update now…and I have half a mind to leave work just to go home and sync…! :)

  4. Nicolinux Aug 19, 2008

    Oh, I hope they mean location awareness with “areas” :)

  5. Amit Aug 19, 2008

    This is awesome..been waiting for this for ever now. Really worth the wait. Just downloaded firmware great! Thanks guys!

  6. Chris Williams Aug 19, 2008

    The beta was incredibly stable and from what I can tell the final version is absolutely perfect. I am glad they waited and did it right as opposed to just getting it in.

    Great Job!

  7. Darrin Aug 19, 2008

    Yes memobug, right now it appears that syncing is only done through wifi. I did read that they will eventually get working on a mobilme sync option. This is going to be huge for me when they do. I am happy that there is syncing but Omnifocus is still ahead of the game with the mobileme option.

  8. ramanan Aug 19, 2008

    You guys rock. I’ve been using the phone version exclusively for the last little while, but iTunes kept eating my applications. Now that I can sync Apple’s flakiness is less of a concern. It also means I can get back to using the desktop application once more. Great job!

  9. seb Aug 19, 2008

    How secure is syncing? Is it encrypted in any way? Or will it blast all me todos as cleartext over the air?

  10. bunker Aug 19, 2008

    Nice going guys,

    The sync works nice, things mobile just got promoted to my dock instead of the homescreen.

    I’m just missing the areas and tags (filter on tags) to be fully equipped.

    BTW @nicolux: nope it will be the same areas as on the desktop version I guess. But still very usefull…

  11. Dave L Aug 19, 2008

    Also, it would be AWESOME to get a Dashboard widget. Seriously. I welcome any “seconds” to this request …

    Thanks for keeping us all in the loop, and look forward to seeing the road map.

  12. Marlyse Comte Aug 19, 2008

    SUPER. Congratulations… and I am loving it (also the future things you are planning).

  13. Jeff Smith Aug 19, 2008

    This update definitely made my week. I hadn’t been using Things touch that much up to this point, but it’s already made it’s way into my regular workflow. Great work folks!

  14. Christoph Aug 19, 2008

    Great and thanks. far one of the best apps on the iphone. syncing works great.

    will there be a german localisation for the desktop app…

  15. Mark S. Aug 19, 2008

    Congratulations, guys. This is the perfect time to take a break. Let some of the small issues roll in and enjoy your time off. Everything is incredibly usable and is helping us all GET THINGS DONE.

    Here’s hoping you guys can Get THINGS done without driving yourselves crazy.

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  17. Sunil Aug 19, 2008

    Awesome work guys.

    When tags are enabled, this will be the perfect GTD setup. It will be the first time, since I started GTD years ago, that my whole “system” will be as easy as it should be. That’s not hyperbole.


  18. Columbia Aug 19, 2008

    This is great, guys, I love it. I especially appreciate the “Sort by Due Date” option for the Next Section, I’ve desperately waited for that. But it should show the items with no Due Date as well at the bottom, don’t you think so?

  19. Bruce McKenzie Aug 19, 2008

    A good start: all of my today, next, and someday items sync fine (and fast). None my my scheduled repeating tasks appear on iPhone and, since tags aren’t yet supported, I can’t tell which of my tasks are in {Waiting}. It’s great that you automated sync (1Password’s WiFi sync works, but it’s a manual affair).

    Looking forward to the next update so I can help spread the word about this wonderful piece of software.

  20. Jeff Sim Aug 19, 2008

    Great job guys, been craving for sync and it’s well worth the wait!

  21. Jonathan Aug 19, 2008

    Congrats! I was really happy to see this update and appreciate your hard work. Thanks!

  22. Jesse B Aug 19, 2008

    Great job! Your passion and persistence embodies the developer mentality that brought me over the the mac platform. Thanks, and enjoy some well deserved relaxation!!!

  23. Frederic.C Aug 19, 2008

    Great, CultureCode apps rocks. I like a lot Things and use it more and more. This is probably a very good Iphone app.

    Could you please now go back to the mac app and improve ? even if the Iphone is a great phone, the Mac App is probably followed by far more people … Like me, I haven’t got any Iphone but for sure I use my Mac a lot. Please make versions 0.9.5 0.9.6 0.9.7 then 1.0 with a lot of new features (not so much, but great and useful features) and be sure I’ll buy your app. Things is so cool as a Mac app too, and there weren’t so much real update since months.

    Keep it great

  24. Ariel Aug 19, 2008

    Great News for a Great Software

  25. Lasse J Aug 19, 2008

    Boy, I love you guys. Realising the syncing happens over network, not cable, has just made my day! No need to move Things desktop from MBP to my (iTunes’ed) iMac.

    Good work and congrats on finishing the 1.1.

  26. Quinn McHenry Aug 19, 2008

    Congratulations! It’s great when your hard work pays off, and you’ve all done an excellent job. You’ve definitely earned a break.

  27. DrJ Aug 19, 2008

    (clap) (stand up) (Clap) (Jumping) (CLAP!!!)
    (get a quick rest, and on to multi-mac & contexts! – nudge, wink, panting with anticipation!)


  28. Bill W Aug 19, 2008

    Well, 99 brave testers, or 101 with 1 dunce (me)–sorry about transposing my UDID numbers. But this release is working beautifully, and syncing is working great! Enjoy your vacation! :-)

  29. paxton Aug 19, 2008

    Just love you guys! ;-)

  30. Sam S Aug 19, 2008

    Congrats! I just synced Things on my iPhone with Things on my MacBook and it worked perfectly!

  31. Pascal Aug 19, 2008

    Compelled to comment as this new update is fantastic. Wireless syncing is just so perfect – so instant and so simple (to me, I’m sure it’s incredibly complex and clever under the hood). The revised Add Task screen is also brilliantly implemented.

    Just wanted to express my thanks for such an incredible pair of apps.

  32. Marc Bergman Aug 19, 2008

    I run my own company (actually two) am president of a foundation and found myself drowning in notes. “Things” came along and with it my sanity… to say it has fundamentally changed my life is no exaggeration. I will become an evangelist starting today and no, you do not need to pay me :-)

    Yip, yip, yippee!

  33. Liam Aug 19, 2008

    I used to write lists all the time with the title ‘Things’ at the top (used to be ‘Things to do’ and just got shortened)

    This Application is fantastic, rich UI, very well presented, yet so simple. I just bought the iPhone version knowing I would have to wait for the sync, and the iPhone version, while missing a couple of key area’s is top notch. I started using the App this morning after downloadig from iTues, and have already strated to build my to-do’s (have even got a couple of things donwe already!)

    A great application to nudge you to actually get things done, although one feedback point would be to be able to log the ‘done’ to-do’s (unless I’m being a muppet and can’t work out how to move from ‘today’ in Log book when accomplished. Anyone?


  34. Simon Aug 19, 2008

    Guys and girls, you may be interested to read an update to the Things Touch FAQ:

    Will updates be free?

    Yes, we plan on releasing a whole series of updates that will be available for free to our customers. These updates will bring new features such as (location aware) Tags, Areas, Repeating Tasks, and some interesting new teamwork functionality.

  35. PhilK Aug 19, 2008

    You know that wireless sync is neat and works great but now I wish every program had it ;(

    Great work guys, congrats on getting the new version out.

  36. The_Reptile Aug 19, 2008

    Great job on Things 1.1! I was sort of stunned at how fast the sync took place once the set up was complete. I can’t wait for Tags and Areas on the iPhone and the 1.0 release on the Mac. Get some rest and keep up the great work.

  37. Veltis Aug 19, 2008

    Hooraaay! Wireless sync is far better than Apple’s own sync. Am so so happy. For those who want a dashboard widget, now that Things syncs with iCal, there are various ways to display your to-dos on the desktop that don’t require a separate dashboard widget.

  38. PhilK Aug 19, 2008

    Liam, it’s set to move done items to the logbook daily. You can change it to immediately, daily, weekly, or monthly in the prefs.

  39. Rich Aug 19, 2008

    Hurrah! Well done, outstanding applications, keep up the good work!

  40. Greg Aug 19, 2008

    AWESOME! Thank you so much for the great work! I’m lovin’ my over-the-air sync. :)

  41. Alan Bristow Aug 19, 2008

    Great work guys, thanks! Looking forward to ‘Areas’ being added (and enjoy your new offices :)

  42. Tony Fletcher Aug 19, 2008

    Just updated and ran the sync-flawless. Great job-you all should be very proud!

  43. Liam Aug 19, 2008


    Thanks, just found that info on the iPhone supportpage, obviously as I have only had for one day, Iwas a little puzzled, but ty very much for letting me know. Cheers


  44. Jonas Aug 19, 2008

    Hmm. My iTunes Store and App Store (Sweden) is still showing the 1.0.1 version, and I get no update notification..?

  45. Al Fraser Aug 19, 2008

    Cheers guys. You delivered the 1.1 update real quick, and it works great. Congrats! Looking forward to the next few months.

  46. maty Aug 19, 2008

    Great release!
    Congrats !

  47. Jonas Aug 19, 2008

    FYI, problem solved: removed and reinstalled Things Touch, then the update appeared :-)

  48. Mike Aug 19, 2008

    I can’t get this to work. My Mac is connected via ethernet to my wireless router, my iPhone is connected by wifi to the same router, but it isn’t appearing in Things on my mac.

    Does Things set up some kind of ad-hoc wireless connection, or does it just look for an iPhone on the same network?

    Any suggestions as to how I can fix it?

  49. Emily Kuschner Aug 19, 2008

    Fabulous!! Thanks for all your hard work! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!

    Areas will be great ..

    Enjoy your families and your new office!

  50. Micah Vanderlinden Aug 19, 2008

    For all of you having syncing problems with their network or don’t have wifi.
    If you create a new wireless network on your mac and then connect to that network on your phone the sync will work.

  51. Alan Aug 19, 2008

    Worked perfectly, great work! I literally had no use for Things for iPhone until now! Was very smooth and simple.

    Thanks a lot!

  52. endekks Aug 19, 2008

    I stand corrected from my posting in the previous blog entry – Things 1.1 is currently not up for the Japanese store.

    I wish Apple could get their ducks in a row with the App Store. Not only are they slow with getting developers’ content online, but they are not consistent with the various regions. And on top of that, it is always a joy to see on my Applications page that I have 2 updates, but going to the updates section says there are no updates available – or at times it may show the same application listed on the updates page 3 times.

    Ugh. Don’t want to turn this into a bitch session. Anyway, I have been messing around with 1.1 and I love it. While I do look forward to the addition of tags (and to an extent, areas) I think you guys do deserve some R&R.

    Just not too much. I wants me some tags, dammit! ^___^

  53. harold Aug 19, 2008

    many thanks for the update, and also a bigger thanks for the spanish localization

  54. Scott Aug 19, 2008

    Things is the SHIT ! Thank you so much for the syncing ! You guys rock !

  55. Olivier BEDOUELLE Aug 19, 2008

    Très bien cette version french IPHONE. Il manque les tags et les aréas pour être complet.

    Est-ce que vous pensez pouvoir lier sur les contacts aux notes ? essentiellement sur l’IPHONE ?


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  57. Mike Aug 19, 2008

    Can you guys explain how this sync works? Do you have to have wifi enabled on your Mac? (My Mac does not have a wifi adapter). Can’t it connect to an iPhone on the same network (via a wifi router)?

    Is there going to be a way to sync it through iTunes?

  58. Jörg Aug 19, 2008

    Das Warten hat sich gelohnt.
    Sync klappt super!

    vielen Dank!!!

  59. ganesh G. Neumair Aug 19, 2008

    I bought Things for iPod touch mainly to support the developers, without ever using it, as without sync it was of little use to me. But now!
    I am verry happy : ) Thanks

  60. Fakepilot Aug 19, 2008

    I have tried to sync now and it works very well. I have compared it to OmniFocus and after testing both with sync, I have to say that Things wins with a long shot. When I sync with OmniFocus it takes forever. I hardly ever have the time to wait that long…

    With Things (well, just recently), it works like a charm. Very quickly! I don’t mind using the wireless network, cause I rarely update anything on my computer without having my iPhone with me and the other way around. So I would actually skip using mobileMe for sync.

    Keep up the good work!

  61. dave d Aug 19, 2008

    Bravo! Great feature.

    I am also not able to sync with a iTouch and a desktop hard wired to a router – then to an airport.

    Any solutions would be greatly appreciated – looking forward to not having to print my to-do list!

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  63. max supera Aug 19, 2008

    yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!

  64. ojoe Aug 19, 2008

    Fantastic! Enjoy a well-deserved break! And keep up the great work!

  65. Mike Piontek Aug 19, 2008

    The first time I “synced” Things with my phone, it wiped everything on my phone and replaced it with the few things I had in the Mac app. I had been using the iPhone app almost exclusively so I lost quite a bit. I was able to rescue everything from a backup, but that took a good 4-5 hours thanks to Apple’s painfully slow restore process, and then I had to manually enter all my projects and tasks into the Mac app.

    I don’t know if this was intended behavior or not, but if it is, it’d be nice to have a warning somewhere! It’s frustrating when an app designed solely to remember things for me is so careless with my data.

    Aside from that mess, everything seems to be working great. Syncing works fine in both directions now. I do have some suggestions though:

    1. The iPhone app seems to only sync when I first open it. If I open it, make some changes, and close it, I have to open it again just to sync those changes. At minimum it’d be nice to have a sync button on the main Lists screen. Ideally it’d be great if syncing was instant when both apps are running.

    2. I would love, love, love if Things for Mac had a background app (perhaps optional). This would take one step out of the sync process (launching the Mac app). Even better it could watch for my Quick Entry keyboard shortcut and launch Things for me if I press it.

    3. Even better if the Mac and iPhone app could sync with a server, so I never have to spend time syncing on my own. Even if you take out as many steps as possible, the current setup is still a tedious process because you have to initiate it every time you leave your computer and again when you come back. The great thing about any to do app is not having to remember things on my own. But the current setup forces me to either spend far too much time syncing, or remember on my own what I have and haven’t done. This isn’t a big problem for me now, but it will prevent me from relying on Things to keep track of more, uh, things.

    Despite my complaints, I love both apps, and I’m really excited to finally be able to sync to dos with my iPhone. This is something I’ve been wanting for over a year now, and I’m just dumbfounded that Apple still hasn’t gotten around to it.

    Keep up the great work!

  66. Joni Aug 19, 2008

    Thanks, just tried it and it works very smoothly! Setting up syncing is just as easy as it should.

    Now I’ll really start using this tool. Writing todo items and lengthy notes is just so much faster on the computer, but of course the killer feature is to have them with you everywhere.

  67. Pedro Marques Aug 19, 2008

    Thanks for the update guys. Good work!

    There is a bug to report however:

    When in the Today list, after adding a new task, it doesn’t appear in the Today list. You have to go back to the main menu, then return to the Today list to see the new task.

  68. Josh of Cubicle Ninjas Aug 19, 2008

    @Mike Pontiek:

    Hi Mike, I love your Delivery Status Widget.

    Things does have a Quick Entry option under preferences, but it is not checked by default. Simply check this and your can add without finding, focusing, and navigating within the app.

    Oh, and I’ve been awaiting this release for weeks. So excited to have my to-do lists on the go!

  69. SteveMc Aug 19, 2008

    Been waiting for the updates before starting to use Things properly – you have a customer for life now! Sync works brilliantly, can’t wait for push (although it’s not really necessary with syncing being so well implemented) and then it will be perfect. Wish I could think of more things I need to do lol, but I’m sure once I’m in work tomorrow the list will be endless!

  70. Guillermo Alvarez Aug 19, 2008

    I just set it up after an initial updating hiccup and got it synced up. It looks like it will work wonderfully. I hope using this I will be able to go from home to iPhone to work and have it all sync nicely. So far so good. Thank you for delivering such a wonderful little application

  71. Mike Aug 19, 2008

    Still major usability problems with Things in it’s deviation from the standard GTD. There really should be no “Today” category…it’s superfluous. The GTD should be CONTEXT focused. If/when you are in a specific context then Things should tell you the next todos available in that context for ANY project… I find it insanely annoying, to the point that I regretfully am starting to lean toward OMNIFocus, that I need to look in Today AND Next to see what tasks are up next! If you can fix this before I buy OMNIFocus then I’ll probably stick with Things… otherwise I’m gone…

  72. Ronald Heft Aug 19, 2008

    Syncing is working great. I just have one small feature request that some people mentioned. If you could add a sync button to the toolbar on the iPhone that would be perfect. That way I don’t have to reopen and close to sync my changes back after editing with the iPhone.

  73. Tore Aug 19, 2008

    Hey! Guys! Nice! Yeah!

  74. J. C. Aug 19, 2008

    Love it! Fantastic job!

  75. Craig Hurst Aug 19, 2008

    guy’s thanks so much for sync. Things is the most used app on my iPhone after the SMS! So glad I can view on my iMac and not worry about apple loosing all my date!!
    Great job, enjoy your break.


  76. Samsixty Aug 19, 2008

    I switched from omnifocus to things a few days ago and I love it. Been using omnifocus for a while but things feels much more natural.

    The 1.1 update has made my day. Thanks for great software :D this app has made me so glad I got an iPhone instead of the new blackberry.

  77. Jt Hollister Aug 19, 2008

    Cultured Code, FANTASTIC WORK! Syncing is flawless, I love the badge. Great work, I am digging this. I don’t really understand why Areas aren’t in the touch version though, isn’t it just a folder on the back end? Actually, in general, I would prefer folders and subfolders to “Areas” and “Projects” but I have never even red GTD so I guess I should read that before making suggestions of how this should work :) (just ordered it).

    By and large, this is great, I’m very happy with the update. For now I will just pretend Areas don’t exist and make all my Clients into Projects.

    Mike, if you don’t like “Today” then ignore it. Personally, I can’t imagine a GTD app without some way to organize what you want to get done…well…today! Without Today, Things becomes 100% useless to 99% of its users. What you are saying makes absolutely no sense.

  78. Karen Aug 19, 2008

    Love the sync. Thanks for the hard work it took to get it out so quickly.

    In the next update can you please consider the following:

    1. I can’t figure out why the sync does not maintain the order of items when I sync them from the computer. It is very frustrating to have to keep looking up and down a long list of things and figure out what I’m supposed to do next. Or at the store to find that the grocery list I so carefully put according to where it’s found in the store, is all mixed up. I sort them on the Mac, but then it all changes on the ipod. I need to be able to plan my day (or my shopping) and then go through the list one after the other.

    2. Along the same thinking, it would be helpful if I were able to move things around on the ipod.

    Great app though – very useful

  79. singermustdie Aug 19, 2008

    LOVE the Things, especially with the iPhone integration and the simplicity and ESPECIALLY with the new SYNC function.

    applause applause well-deserved

    I am not however, a fan of Leopard, primarily because I am a home recording musician and Leopard has been supremely unstable with the applications I use. Plus, I have a Powerbook that probably couldn’t handle the OS to begin with.

    I understand there are reasons for not SYNCing Things with iCal in Tiger. But is there perhaps a solution in exporting an iCal-readable file from Things for us Tiger people?

    I would pay top dollar for this app if that can be done.

    Just a thought. But I promise my utter devotion.

  80. Ulises I. Orozco Aug 19, 2008

    Location Awareness with areas would be SICK! Great call Nicolinux. :)

  81. John C Aug 19, 2008

    works great. It is awesome. Finally. Great job. You guys should pop some champagne and celebrate. Location awareness are you nuts?

  82. Jt Hollister Aug 19, 2008

    Karen – You can move stuff from the iPhone/iPod Touch, just click “edit” and there are lines on the right side of each item, drag up and down.

    I share Karen’s frustration with the order of items not being part of the sync. This would be a very nice feature for a future update.

  83. Jason Adams Aug 19, 2008

    You have done an incredible job! The way both of these apps work so well together just blows my mind. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!

  84. Pustoolio Aug 19, 2008

    @ jt Hollister said “What you are saying makes absolutely no sense.”
    Sorry to break it to you but Mike is correct. You saying it makes no sense just shows your ignorance about what GTD is.

  85. Michael P Aug 19, 2008

    Beautiful job on the sync. It worked flawlessly, and the iPhone app looks clean and crisp.

    I noticed in the blog that there was a setting in the Things Settings on the iPhone to turn on and off the ‘Icon Badge’. What does this do?

  86. Karen Aug 19, 2008

    Jt Hollister said, “You can move stuff from the iPhone/iPod Touch, just click ‚Äúedit‚Äù and there are lines on the right side of each item, drag up and down.”

    Cool, thanks Jt. I played around with that before but didn’t get it to work. I found when I held my finger down on the lines I was able to move things. – that helps alot.

  87. Daland Aug 20, 2008

    Perfect! Thanks so much for doing what others could not. Cheers!

  88. fadedgiant Aug 20, 2008

    oh man… bless you, bless you, bless you. i can’t tell you how happy i am to have sync functional. fantastic work.

    i have been testing out the desktop version of things for quite some time and it now pretty much fully integrated into my work-flow. i had started out as a beta tester for omnifocus but abandoned it after a few months when i found it to be “over-wrought” and making my task management more complicated versus “transparent.”

    thank you for keeping the application(s) simple, clean and unbloated. really nice work and i greatly appreciate it.


  89. TW Aug 20, 2008

    Syncing — so nice to have. It was good just on the iPhone, now it is great.

    Excellent program. Does just what I need, and is the first program ever to actually make me more productive (and I am now so much more productive). I don’t know what I’d do without it.

    Thanks CC — you all know how to program elegant, efficient software.

    P.S. The only thing I’d love to see is a home button to bring me back to the start if I’ve drilled down a few levels.

  90. John C Aug 20, 2008

    Things is now on the bottom dock of my iphone not just on the front page but on every page.

  91. Gedy Aug 20, 2008

    Awesome! Have you guys thought about creating a web interface that syncs with the computer & iphone?

  92. Ryan Aug 20, 2008

    Just wanted to chime in and say what an awesome, awesome… awesome job you guys did on 1.1. Syncing and better task entry really made this app supreme among todo trackers (or whatever the crap you want to call them) and I just want to commend you guys on a job well done and that I am a very pleased customer.

    Once again, thank you for all your hard work and have a nice break.

  93. Preshit Aug 20, 2008

    Just bought the app from the store. Love it.

    Great Job guys. This will really make me much more productive.

  94. [...] Posted by Jody Mitoma on August 19, 2008 at 10:45 pm Things has recently been updated to version 1.1, which ads the ability to sync to the Mac desktop client. The new update also added app badge support, and preference app support. [...]

  95. Paul Aug 20, 2008

    Woo hoo!!!!!


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  97. Chris Aug 20, 2008

    Yeah, my scheduled tasks aren’t appearing either. Was this not tested, or was it not implemented? Other then that, awesome release. Thank you!

  98. Jason Aug 20, 2008

    Love the new sync, was hoping for a mobileme/webDAV option, but this works great for now, and I’m sure it’s coming. I did however try to VPN my iphone to my office (where Things is running on my desktop) and had no luck with a sync. It’s set to all traffic on the iPhone, anyone else tried this / had any luck? Am I missing something or will it not work the way I’m assuming?

    …Loving the elegance of Thing and Things Touch, great work CC!

  99. Josh Aug 20, 2008

    I seem to remember from the screencast or some docs or something that the omission of contexts was an intentional deviation from the GTD format. I happen to like it but of course some people will not like it. Isn’t that the beauty of having choices. If you want a stricter GTD experience, then by all means, try OmniFocus. It’s more expensive, and in my opinion more complicated, but it’s available. If, however, you’re looking for a solid, easy-to-use task manager that is at it’s core a GTD based app then I think Things is great. I know that I as well as my clients are happy that I found it.

    BTW, I was amazed at how fast the sync was. Thanks! I think the appallingly slow iPhone to iTunes sync had me thinking I was in for a long wait. Glad to be wrong.


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  101. Samson Aug 20, 2008

    Wow, wow, wow. Flawless. I have not been so excited about an iPhone app as I was about this one. Thank, gang, it’s GREAT.

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  103. Helmut Aug 20, 2008

    Great job with 1.1, guys! The syncing is very easy and I appreciate the ability to start immediately typing in a new task when I hit the Plus button.

    One bug that has been mentioned earlier:

    When I enter a new task in Today, it will not show up in the Today list until I leave the Today list and then return to it again.

    Good up the great work!

  104. Jorge Aug 20, 2008


    Great work!

    Have you plan a french version of the MacOS X app ?


  105. ;C Aug 20, 2008

    I am not able to configure an wireless network which is recognized by my iPhone. It’s shown (“connected”), but there are just an IP adress and a subnet mask and no connection icon is shown next to the carrier’s name.

    Please help me.

    Thank you.

  106. Mike Aug 20, 2008


    If you are creating a new network just for iphone to sync with things then make sure things is running on iphone before you begin sync set-up on Mac. When i did this the Wi-Fi icon suddenly appeared next to operator logo, and everything works fine

  107. Andy Aug 20, 2008

    This just tipped me over from OmniFocus ! OF is the business when it comes to features, but much like the iPhone, having more features doesn’t necessarily make you better !

    I find that with OF I have trouble working out what is actually ON my todo list – surely that’s a critical failing of a GTD app ? No such problems with Things though. Clear as day.

    I would like to see nested tasks or sub-projects though, as this is one feature that I really do find useful in OF.

  108. Newark Seadog Aug 20, 2008

    I’m really pleased that you are all successfully syncing away to your hearts content but can anyone help, please? Both my MacBook and iPhone are connected to my work wifi network, Things is running on both devices (and are the most up to date versions). I’ve gone to Prefs > iPhone and the Mobile Device Setup dialogue comes up but is completely empty. Any ideas, please?

  109. Joni Aug 20, 2008

    Pustoolio wrote: “just shows your ignorance about what GTD is.”

    Well, in that case I guess Things is simply a genre-breaking tool that works great for lots of people. Feel free to move on to a “proper” GTD and leave the rest of us to enjoy features such as “Today”. :)

    Personally I only came across the term “GTD tool” after finding out about Things and reading the discussions – I like Things, but do not care _at all_ whether it fits in some arbitrary category like that.

  110. Joni Aug 20, 2008

    @ Michael P:

    I believe enabling “Icon Badge” causes the number of todo items in “Today” to be shown in the corner of the Things icon on your home screen. (You know, with a small red&white circle with a number.)

  111. martinjy Aug 20, 2008

    Newark Seadog – I was also having trouble, but after poking around my router I figured out that I had to add my Touch’s MAC address to it. More info in the forum at,6825

  112. 1983 Aug 20, 2008

    Amayzing app! Works perfect. Looks like apple made this program. Thanks! I’ll be buying the desktop app for sure!

  113. Simon Aug 20, 2008

    Jason wrote:
    I did however try to VPN my iphone to my office (where Things is running on my desktop) and had no luck with a sync. It’s set to all traffic on the iPhone, anyone else tried this / had any luck? Am I missing something or will it not work the way I’m assuming?

    @Jason: I have also tried the same, and I have come to the conclusion that it must have been coded to (1) determine the interface the iPhone is using ( > If not WLAN = don’t attempt sync ) (2) determine whether the Bonjour address of the syncing machine resolves ( > If not found = don’t attempt sync ). So 1 is always going to get in the way of trying to do a sync via VPN over GSM and 2 might also get in the way if Bonjour addresses don’t resolve correctly over the VPN interface (which seems to be the case for our Leopard Server!).

  114. Simon Aug 20, 2008

    Further to my post above in answer to Jason, see this link:
    It seems that Bonjour doesn’t work too well over VPN.

  115. Rick Aug 20, 2008

    Great application — both on the desktop and on the iPhone. I’d been tinkering with task management applications, keeping parallel lists in OmniFocus and Things.

    For the past week or so, I’d been syncing with OmniFocus. Their iPhone application is pretty sweet, and handles the duality of projects and contexts really well. Adding photos and voice notes to tasks is also a real plus. However, OTA syncing with the database on iDisk was sometimes really slow, failed at least once a day, and occasionally resulted in cryptic messages in the desktop application.

    I loaded Things Touch 1.1 as soon as it was available and syncing over my WiFi network has been really fast and trouble free. I find I prefer WiFi sync to the iDisk sync, though I would feel a little bit better if I knew there was a third, complete database out in the cloud acting as a sort of backup. (In addition to my hourly Time Machine backups. What can I say. Due to recent hard drive failures, I’m paranoid.)

    The only little bug I’ve seen in Things Touch is that marking a task complete in the Today list often doesn’t have any effect. I return to the home screen and (a) the number of unfinished tasks hasn’t changed, and (b) returning to the Today list reveals the previously checked task is again unchecked. Checking only seems to stick if I bounce back and forth between screens, and I can’t really tell why it finally works.

    Things and Things Touch are fantastic apps! Kudos to the team at Cultured Code. After weeks of waffling, I’m ready to use Things exclusively. Of course, now that I’m committing, I’m quite a bit more anxious to see progress on the desktop application along with Tag and Area support in Things Touch! :-)

  116. Dan Hancock Aug 20, 2008

    Sync works seamlessly, I love how it works automatically if both programs are open (and it’s so quick). Great design choice.

    And I’m thrilled to hear that areas support is coming to the iPhone app!

  117. Les Brown Aug 20, 2008

    Guys. Can’t thank you enough. Been waiting for this type of connectivity since I got my iphone almost a year ago. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

  118. Jay Aug 20, 2008


    My Iphone and macbook things are not syncing. I followed the instructions and in Preferences>iphone nothing shows up. My WIFI is on and I’m running WIFI on my macbook as well (same server). How do I get my iphone to show up in the configure syncing box?


  119. Simon Aug 20, 2008

    CC, I found a bug (don’t know whether it’s been mentioned before). I pressed the plus button at the bottom while in “Projects” and it would only let me create a new item under Projects, Scheduled or Someday. Inbox, Today and Next are not listed. ie. you don’t get the full list of “Create in” boxes when adding a task through a Projects screen.

    Then a second bug, I categorised it as “Someday”. It now appears in the Someday screen under a section called “Projects”. I can only move it from there to either Projects, Scheduled or Someday (the same list as above, and not something like Inbox, Today or Next for example).

    Also, why no star button at the bottom of the Someday/Scheduled tasks lists?

    I’m going to post this through the proper bug report channel as well.

  120. Christian Messer Aug 20, 2008

    THANK YOU! You have made this Fan-boi extremely happy! That was the one “Thing” I have been painfully waiting for, and now it is done. Woo-Who! Now for copy-and-paste from either or Apple and I’ll be in iPhone Nirvana!

  121. Michael Smith Aug 20, 2008

    Just fantastic. So many thanks!

  122. cjay Aug 20, 2008

    Please note that the sync traffic is NOT ENCRYPTED.
    If you are curious, just take a look with a traffic analyzer.
    So people, don’t sync over wifi without WPA if you want the privacy.

  123. Kim Aug 20, 2008

    I’d like to back up what a couple of other people have said ‚Äî the data being synced over wifi is being sent in the clear. Anyone on the network can look at the XML being fired between the the iPhone and the Mac. I just did myself

    0040 d8 00 50 4f 53 54 20 52 45 43 45 49 56 45 5f 43 ..POST R ECEIVE_C
    0050 48 41 4e 47 45 53 5f 46 4f 52 5f 4e 45 58 54 5f HANGES_F OR_NEXT_
    0060 4f 42 4a 45 43 54 20 48 54 54 50 2f 31 2e 30 0d OBJECT H TTP/1.0..


    Hopefully a high priority for the next revision will be to fix this. There is no real excuse in this day and age not to use HTTPS for something like this.

  124. Rob Hulson Aug 20, 2008

    Upgraded my wife’s phone, my mother-in-law’s, and my own. We’re all Things devotees, but having sync is bringing me to the next level of productivity.

    You guys are building my trust one release at a time. Syncing is freakishly amazing. I cannot *wait* for Areas and Teammates to be worked out, as they really help me in the GTD vein.

    Keep it up! Rest well, and hurry up with the desktop version so I can pay you some more money!

  125. Rob Hulson Aug 20, 2008

    Re: syncing over wifi, if you’re in a setting where you need privacy (i.e., outside your own password-protected network), go to the Airport menu, select “Create a network,” password-protect it, and connect to it from your iPhone/iPod touch.

    Should work in the meantime.

  126. op Aug 20, 2008

    Great! All my data where lost during the last update!!!!!!


  127. Patrick Aug 20, 2008

    Really glad that sync is now available. However if you create a list of to do’s as an area type and the convert it to a project (as the iPhone version does not yet support areas) then this causes bugs.

    I am going to delete Things from my iPhone and reinstall to see if this fixes the problem.

    Life changing app though guys great work.

  128. G Righter Aug 20, 2008

    iPhone sync only works over WiFi, but that is what was promised.

    I just edited and event pushed to my iPhone, and it synched back to my Mac in less than 30 seconds.

    honestly, truly, really, calmly – THIS ROCKS. THANKYOUTHANKYOU!

  129. Brady J. Frey Aug 20, 2008

    This is FANTASTIC! Get that application 1.0 so my company can buy licenses off you already and compensate you:). I don’t see much of a rush for the mobileme sync – this is wonderful, mobileme’s not for businesses. Syncing over our own servers would be grand, but a pipe dream – if I have to choose between mobileme’s questionable service and wifi, I would have done the same thing.

    Thank you for the great job, you’ve made my design and development team very happy:).

  130. Erik Aug 21, 2008

    Just curious. I keep seeing references in the postings to syncing with iCal. I do not see this happening. Is this only possible on OS 10.5 or later (I run 10.4.11), or am I missing something? Thanks for the help.

  131. Lauren Bacall & Steve Bennett Aug 21, 2008

    c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s

  132. James Yencken Aug 21, 2008

    Amazing work guys! Works brilliantly for me! Your work is already worth more than $50 to me.

  133. Newark Seadog Aug 21, 2008

    To martinjy – many thanks for your help with my non-syncing over work wifi yesterday. Unfortunately your work around still didn’t solve the issue BUT it works seamlessly at home. I am now as happy as the rest of you with these apps. Many thanks to all at CC.

  134. WWPYCBW: Productivity and Effectiveness (August 21, 2008)…

    Things Syncs Cultured Code announced that Things synchronizes with the iPod touch and iPhone. “Other improvements are a faster dialog for entering new to-dos, an app icon badge, and a customization of the automatic logging behavior. We have also added…

  135. Pixeljockey Aug 21, 2008

    Hey guys, for me Things definitely is the most usable and clean GTD software out there. I appreciate your hard work and constant improvements.

    The only thing I miss right now is a team feature. If todos I assign to people would automatically show up in their Things and if they mark it as done it would automatically marked as done in my app Things would be the absolute killer app for me. At the moment I still have to remember all the tasks I assign to my co-workers and I have to check them if they are done. If I could get this out of my mind in a reliable system I would simply just love you.

    Keep up the good work, do not hurry in deploying new features and take you deserved time off!

    Cheers from Germany,


  136. Vinod Aug 21, 2008

    Brilliant UI and seamless Sync. No more freezing issues on the iPhone too. I highly recommend this app. Do you have any plans for a XP client and Cloud Sync?. I will happily pay up :)

  137. Thirsa Aug 21, 2008

    Worked perfect on first time!

    Thank you guys!

  138. Thomas Jefferson (Not the former president) Aug 21, 2008

    If I could make sweet, sweet love to an application, it would be Things. The syncing is killer.

    I can’t put in words how much Things helps me get organized and stay focused. (I just need a checkbox to turn off my laziness)

    After reading about where the application is headed next, I can’t wait.

  139. MILE Aug 21, 2008

    Good job, now get working on the rest…!! ;))

    Okay, just kidding…take a little break, whatever…

    And I’m not going to remind you of Tags and German localization for the desktop app and all that other stuff as long as you’re resting…! ;)))

  140. Michael Aug 22, 2008

    You guys really should put a “Buy Me a Beer via Paypal” option on your website. I really want would like to buy all of you a drink for all the hard work you put into this great product!

  141. Rusty Justy Aug 22, 2008

    Do i buy this app or omni focus?

  142. Reinhard Loydl Aug 22, 2008

    I love this appt! Things touch is by far my No 1 app on iPhone. When I first heard about Things Touch, I bought it right away from the App Store just to show my appreciation, even though I didn’t have 2.0 on my iPhone at that time. Now I do have, and since Things is syncing (WiFi, wow, great!), I feel very comfortable using it.

    Only thing I am missing greatly is repeating/recurring tasks. I am certainly not the only person having a huge number of recurring tasks. Or am I? Looking forward to see this feature soon in Things touch 1.2 ;-))

    Ah, and for first time syncing I’d like to be asked whether I want to “merge” or “overwrite todos on Mac” or “overwrite todos on iPhone”. Otherwise, if people use the Mac version only as a backup like me, the will loose their data on iPhone with their first sync without prior notice. That’s not kind.

    However, best piece of software tool I have seen for a while on any platform! With recurring tasks included I would happily pay double the price.

    Take it easy and enjoy your time off, you really have deserved it!

  143. Ashwin Narasimhan Aug 22, 2008

    It would be nice if you could add support to areas of responsibility on the iPhone version.
    Overall this is an excellent app, which hopefully will help me actually GTD.

    @Rusty Justy – buy this app. It is easier to use than OmniFocus, and costs half as much, both on the desktop and on the iPhone.

  144. kingkaramel Aug 22, 2008

    Michael wrote: “You guys really should put a ‚ÄúBuy Me a Beer via Paypal‚Äù option on your website. I really want would like to buy all of you a drink for all the hard work you put into this great product!”

    Seconded! ;)

  145. phossi Aug 22, 2008

    perfect, that’s the app i’ve missed
    (and waiting for multi-mac and .me Sync ;)

  146. Marc Aug 22, 2008

    Any chance you could allow a landscape view of tasks. And a landscape view while entering text…..

  147. Kopper Aug 23, 2008

    Kudos to the THINGS development team on a very well thought out, and easy to use app…..

    I haven’t settled on a task manager quite yet, and have Todo, OF, and Things loaded on my phone….each app has it’s own strong points, and of course, short comings…..

    I feel that THINGS most closely follows my way of handling ‘task mangement’….only the lack of web syncing is keeping me from choosing THINGS over the other two apps……

    AW’s comment about “leaving work and running home to sync” seems so ‘old school’ now….takes me back to my PalmPilot days….it should be common place now to sync anywhere…home, work, in the car….maybe even share tasks with other family members….

    The Todo app does this now (minus sharing), OF is limited at this point to saving your DB to a MobileMe folder, but aside from being leashed to my MAC, THINGS can’t sync to anything else…yet….I’m looking forward to future improvements…..

    Even more so than PDA’s, the iPhone is prone to crashes…..I don’t want to be caught at work or out of town, lose my tasks, and have to ‘run home and sync’ to a desktop…..just give me the ability to save my raw THINGS DB to my MobileMe account and I will become a THINGS convert…..

    Once again, thanks, and I’m looking forward to future enhancements……


  148. Silje Aug 23, 2008

    I normally never take time to write comments like this, but this app is so great I can’t control myself. THANK YOU!!! I just bought it on my iphone from the app store and downloaded it to my mac, and though I have only used it for about 10 minutes I am certain this will save my life from chaos forever. THANK YOU AGAIN! FINALLY a gtd app that seems to be exactly what I want it to be! I’ve spent months trying to get my head around OmniFocus, but it just doesn’t work for me. Now, enough of the headache, Things on my iphone, on my desktop and in my heart!
    Great work, can’t wait for the future updates!

  149. Phuong Canada Aug 24, 2008

    everything is great, except that icon badge isn’t enabled by default. also, why is Things settings burried inside Settings application? why shouldn’t it be inside Things app itself?
    This is similar to Files app. at first they also put their settings in Settings app, but it wasn’t very practical that way, so in the recent update, they move it inside the Files app. This allows quicker settings and the user doesn’t have to quit the Things app, go into Settings app just to change some preference for Things app… it’s just too much action

  150. Aaron Abentheuer Aug 24, 2008

    I think it’s a very good idea to put the settings into, because I like to have a big central for managing settings. Great idea.
    Gut gemacht!

  151. Jonas Aug 24, 2008

    Hej! [swedish]
    the sync doesn’t work…..and I can’t find Things in my general settings on the iphone. I have the latest updates of both Things on the iphone and on the mac. Why doesn’t things sync work…?
    best, Jonas

  152. Jonas Aug 24, 2008

    Hej again!
    the sync now works. But according to things, the to do:s will sync every time I open up the two programs…? Not for me…
    How does one start syncing manually?
    best Jonas

  153. Joel Aug 24, 2008

    Rusty Justy – yes

  154. Chris Aug 25, 2008

    Brilliant! Thanks so much for the sync; it’s really helping me keep track what I need to do, especially with school starting!


  155. Alissa Landsone Aug 25, 2008

    Anyone out there got this thing to sync with their TRS-80?

  156. Bill Aug 26, 2008

    great job guys

    My first attempt to sync while writing a proposal and keeping my one year old from pushing the test button on my UPS worked flawlessly. My iphone was on my wireless network and my desktop was wired but on the same network & subnet.

    Later when I needed to get the things db from my desktop to my laptop I established a new connection between my laptop and my iphone and it worked equally as well. Both the iphone and the laptop were on the same wireless network. The phone can act as the carrier for the DB, thats how to sync your desktop to your laptop.

    I didn’t make any firewall mods to make this work. It just worked.

    Now to get it to sync over a vpn. Curios to see if/ how to have the syncing happen from different subnets…

  157. Josh Nesbitt Aug 29, 2008

    Great job guys, works a treat!

  158. Bensan George Aug 30, 2008

    Finally got my iPhone and installed Things Mobile. I love it! Thank you for all your hard work.

  159. Jt Hollister Sep 01, 2008

    @Pustoolio & Mike: No, I understand how GTD works. “Today” is one of the most vital components. It’s not meant to be used for daily to-do lists, which work against GTD, but for absolutely vital things that must be done Today. However, it is VERY important to have.

    @Joni: Well, I think GTD is very important. It’s not just some arbitrary genre that certain apps fit into, it’s the best personal management system ever created. It works for everyone. If GTD isn’t important to you, you really ought to look into it more, if you learn what it really is, you will be more productive all the time.

    But, of course, at the present, none of this really matters, because true GTD is completely impossible without Areas. So I’m looking forward to that, hopefully soon! :P

  160. Scott Sep 01, 2008

    Sync works great!

    However, wifi-only is a HUGE drawback for me. Who remembers to sync manually before leaving the house?

  161. Howard Greenstein Sep 02, 2008

    Thank you. I’m thrilled at how well this is working.

  162. gwm Sep 03, 2008

    I installed the new version. Since then I have not been able to start te Things application on the iPhone. Clicking the icon results in a black screen for a few seconds, and then quits to the icon menu. Any suggestions? I removed the app a few times but it didn’t help. Thanks in advance. I think the app is quite useful, when it works :)

  163. Freek Sep 03, 2008

    @gwm, try to reboot your iPhone first by turning it off (hold the sleep/wake button untill the red slider appears) and on again. That will solve the problem for sure.

  164. gwm Sep 04, 2008

    @Freek: Thanks, that worked. Will remember to do a reset before I post something on this website :) Great app, works like a charm now!

  165. Rick Sep 05, 2008

    Thanks – the mobile synching is the best I’ve seen so far – and almost completely seamless in operation. Thanks also for the w-fi method of synching. Unlike the comments of some others, I prefer this method as I handle some confidential information (health care stuff) and I don’t want it on the web in any form, even via secure servers, etc. So thanks again.

  166. Philo Sep 06, 2008

    I am desperately waiting for the new desktop app which syncs more than one mac. When will it be released?

  167. Jason Sep 06, 2008

    Any chance we could get a progress update on Things Desktop? Things being worked on, Things to get excited about, etc. would be very cool.

  168. Jazzzy Sep 07, 2008

    Hi Guys, like all the others I want to join in and say thank you for a job well done. You’re not getting all these praises and congrats simply because we’re trying to make you feel good. You guys earned it. As you know, there are a lot of copy cats out there that will try to feed of your brain storming so stay two steps ahead of them and maintain your client base. Be good to us and we’ll be loyal to you. If my girlfriend looked like this interface, I would have married her by now.

    One request please. I know and agree that there’s no point on having a task hanging around indefinitely after it has been completed and I appreciate you providing a logbook. But for someone like me using your program to run a small business, I need to know what was completed for at least the past 30 days. The desktop version allows that but on the iPhone, can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE allow for the completed task to hang around a little longer with the check mark instead of going to the log book upon syncing or daily? If they must go to the logbook, is it possible to see them under their respective groups, example “sales clients to call” and all the completed check marks under them?? Currently they’re all dumped in the logbook mixed up and I have to visually sort through to see if a client is lying about me not calling them. you do that for me, and I’m YOURS.

    Good Job guys I’ll like to see you around for a long time and patronize, keep at it up. Think about all the other dumppy looking programs out there that you could put your makeup on and make this pretty. If I heard that things had something to do with another program, i’ll be there and I think so would a lot of the people here. Ok let me stop. The completed list for me please.

  169. Ian Sep 07, 2008

    Great job guys, this is my top Iphone Ap and it works brilliantly. Keep up the good work!

  170. Adam Sep 08, 2008

    I love, love this app. Tried all of the GTD apps, and this is the first one that just works like it should. Thanks so much.

    I too am eagerly awaiting Areas and tags on my iPod Touch. MobileMe integration would be nice too, but is much lower on my list. The Wifi sync works great for me.

  171. Josef Sep 08, 2008

    Whats happening? Im eager, waiting for a new blog entry..

  172. Craig Sep 10, 2008

    I am strongly leaning to getting the new $229 iPod touch with firmware 2.1, with my new found access to wifi at McD’s and Starbucks from having ATT DSL, that would be a pretty economical way to stay online on the road without lugging my macbook or incurring high monthly costs like the iPhone. Am I correct in assuming Things touch will be working on iPod touch?

  173. Leif Sep 10, 2008

    Yes, would love to hear from CC -its been a while since a new blog entry’s been out.

    How soon till the next iphone update? Will it have areas and tags? Will # of Next shown be configurable? Will it use iPhone’s features like taking a picture or audio within one’s task? Etc.


  174. Philip Venema Sep 10, 2008

    Dear developers of Things,

    The same story here; i’ve tried all GTD software known to me. Things is not a piece software; its a piece of art.

    Thank you so much so far!

    Greetings from Europe.

  175. Nicholas Johnson Sep 11, 2008

    Awesome app, I bought an ipod last month specifically so I could run it. One thing, is it possible to allow syncing via the cable? I’m mobile so regularly not in range of a wifi network.

    Hope you enjoy your offices

  176. Logan Sep 11, 2008

    I think you’ve got some spammers on here.

    “Amazing site.
    Thanks, webmaster”

    And their name is descriptive of the website it links to. That means they are trying to trick Google.

  177. Bonobo Sep 12, 2008

    Guys, it’s time for an update… You haven’t told us what you are working on after you came back from your vacation, you haven’t twittered for a week, don’t even moderate the spam comments in your blog. Are you ok? What are you up to? Thanks for letting us know.

  178. ganesh G. Neumair Sep 13, 2008

    One month has passed from your last entry. Its time to give us some morsels again. Welcome back from your well deserved vacation : )

  179. melody Sep 14, 2008

    thank you so much for the sync. but i was wondering, could you guys come out with the usb sync as well? in my university dorm i dont have wireless, so it’s difficult to sync. thanks. (:

  180. Josef Sep 15, 2008

    Nothing SEEMS to be a happening.. Im considering changing to omnifocus, they are at least interrested in communication with their customers..

  181. ganesh Sep 15, 2008

    Hoping of some sign of life from CC soon.
    I have watched Midnight inbox fading into deep sleep, and iGTD, so maybe I am being overanxious.

  182. Philipp Sep 16, 2008

    Hey Freunde,
    mir geht es ähnlich wie den meisten meiner Vorredner. Wir brauchen eine Info wie’s weitergeht. Ich schiebe tatsächlich die Nutzung von Things vor mir her, weil ich noch auf die Sync-Möglichkeit zwischen mehreren Macs warte – etwas absolut wichtiges für meine Situation. Also bitte: Wenigstens eine Info, wie es weitergeht.

  183. Jason Sep 16, 2008

    People are getting restless. Please give us an update.

  184. Bonobo Sep 16, 2008

    There is a very sinister thing going on… every independent GTD-app developer ‚↠Omni suddenly disappears… what’s happening here? Kidnapping? Buyouts? Aliens? FSM?

  185. sibe Jan Kramer Sep 17, 2008

    @ melody – when using a Mac with an airport inside (like most of them have since years), you can set this airport up as an wireless access point, so syncing can still be possible. (system preferences > sharing > internetsharing via airport)

  186. Miguel Sep 17, 2008

    Aw, come on! Give the boys a break! Haven’t you read they’ve been moving and doin’ some other stuff?
    Surely they’re working harder than ever now they’re so close to get Things finished.

    I’d have them implementing tags and areas support on the Things touch app but I’m pretty sure they rather get desktop version ready to ship so they start seeing big bucks. At least, that’s what I would do.


    “The twin killers of success are impatience and greed.” ;)

  187. J.R. Taylor Sep 17, 2008

    No, I’m pretty sure Laziness and Apathy are bigger killers of success.

    I really don’t want what happened to Vitalist happen here, too. Even though I’m only $10 invested so far, I really want to see someone (eg CC) with a great start finish well and not stop at “close enough.”

  188. Sam Zorrow Sep 17, 2008

    Yeah bummer, they had a really good thing going here. I had so much confidence in them because of their constant updates and quick feedback. Looks like another small developer bites the dust. Buying Omnifocus today. It was good while it lasted!

  189. YayYay Sep 17, 2008

    Only a few days left before I switch to Omnifocus …

  190. Kyle Sep 17, 2008

    Sorry, I have to laugh at all the comments about how the developer fell off, is dead, or whatnot and that you will all be buying Omnifocus.

    It’s hilarious. Two weeks equals dead. Interesting. And they haven’t even sold their application yet. Sure, they’ve sold the $10 iphone application, but they haven’t sold the desktop version. I don’t think developers cultivate a huge base, continue trial periods, and then bail. Not saying it can’t happen, just saying it hasn’t yet.

    So, I hope everyone enjoys Omnifocus. I’ll wait it out.

  191. Josef Sep 18, 2008

    Two weeks? This last blog-post was posted one month ago…

  192. YayYay Sep 18, 2008

    To my mind there is simply no excuse for not responding. If they don´t read the comments here they don´t care. If they read and don´t respond, they don´t care either. I bought Things for IPhone and I was willing to buy the desktop version as well but if there is no willingness on the developer side I will switch without any regret.

  193. Geoff Sep 18, 2008

    So finished a new app (Things Touch), went on vacation, came back a couple weeks ago after a major holiday and because they haven’t posted a blog entry since they returned people are bolting to OmniFocus?

    I understand this is the Internet age and the world is 24/7 now, but c’mon guys. This is a little silly.

    This is a best in class application with lots of great buzz & PR in the big magazines. Do you really think they have decided to call it a day and change careers after years of development a few weeks before actually charging for it and recouping their investmen?


  194. Nate Sep 18, 2008

    If it’s that easy to switch to omnifocus after a just a brief hiatus from communication, then the very clear advantages of this software are lost on you. As for myself – these guys have proven reliable, and I assume any lack of communication is the result of them, uh, getting things done.

  195. Mike Sep 19, 2008

    Diggin’ the desktop and iPhone solution. Way better than a traditional “to do” list.

    I’m really looking forward to the iPhone gaining the Areas and Tags features, since that’s the one I use the most (out and about all day) and it’s the one I paid for (looking forward to buying the final version of the desktop).

    Keep up the good work!

  196. Silverado Sep 19, 2008

    I, too, find the absence strangely out of character for the developers. I hope there is a good reason for it (e.g., they are too busy with the move or something).

  197. Bonobo Sep 19, 2008

    Thanks for twittering! Happy to have you back!

  198. Miguel Sep 19, 2008

    See? There’s no need for such impatience. Good to hear from you boys.

    Some time ago I suggested having different ways of visualizing logged items. Any update on that?

    One more thing. On the Things Touch spanish version I found you translated Next by “Despues”. I think most of the spanish speaking fellows on the forum will agree that “siguiente” would be a more accurate translation.


  199. Bonobo Sep 19, 2008

    Just to avoid future misunderstandings, and to suit the title of your ‘daily tweet’ better — may I suggest you set up a new task “Update twitter with latest developments and/or chitchat from the office” in your copy of Things, set to repeat daily on workdays and tagged with “high” importance? It takes less than 5 minutes and would make me feel so much more in the loop/interested/valued. Thanks for considering.

  200. Freeman O'Shea Sep 21, 2008

    Hey you guys were featured on NotCot!

    Nice work on the desktop & iphone app – really one of my most used apps.



  201. MILE Sep 21, 2008

    Something on a different level: to be elligible for the Newsletter discount I signed up for it like 2 months ago or so — but I never received a Newsletter since…!? Does that mean there are non being published or do I have to worry about my name being on the list…?!

  202. Nathan Sep 21, 2008

    Syncing functionality sounds great.

    Any chance of a PC Version appearing? I’m a Mac user myself but I can think of a number of situations where having task management software syncing cross platform would be useful.

    For me this would be especially useful for large team based projects, where some team members are Mac based and others PC.

  203. joshr Sep 21, 2008

    Bonobo – I am responding to your comment, but it applies to many others I’ve seen in this thread.

    I too am dying to know when I’ll be able to use the missing features that mean the most to me (tags and areas on the iphone version). i too value communication from those making software I’m using (and that are currently in development), and get that people need to make decisions based on that info. i also get that in creating a product these days, you’re also to some extent creating a community.

    but that said, where in the world did you get the idea that the developers should be accountable to you every day? that you must feel valued and in the loop to remain interested? or, more fundamentally, that this is in any way about *you* ? or that two weeks is a long time?

  204. Neil Sep 21, 2008

    Both sides make valid points. On the one hand, CC has not released Things yet so those using the beta or waiting for its release have no standing to complain since they haven’t paid for it. But CC did release an iPhone version for which many have paid. Their demands for some sign of progress is reasonable. We all know the golden rule of blogs — don’t launch one if you cannot regularly publish new material.

    I think CC would make an excellent startup business school case study. I’d love to know all the facts — especially why did CC stop development of Things to launch Things touch? Only time will tell whether that was a stroke of genius or a foolish mistake.

  205. Achim Sep 22, 2008

    Actually I think that Neil’s post summarized it very good. Since I paid for Things Touch I really like/need to know how development on the desktop is moving as the system is supposed tow ork together (and that is why a lot of people bought the iPhoen app).

  206. Radman Sep 23, 2008

    @joshr: Personally, I don’t think that CC owes me anything beyond keeping the iPhone version of Things (which is the only product that I’ve purchased) bug-free. It’s also not unreasonable to expect periodic upgrades with added functionality.

    But, although CC doesn’t [i]owe[/i] me any other information, the title of the Twitter feed certainly implies more frequent updates.

    Neil’s question is interesting: IMO, CC’s decision to release the iPhone version was a good one given the large number of competitors. One of Things Touch’s chief advantages is that it’s the only to-do manager that I know of that has a desktop counterpart. However, that may not always be so. When that happens, having a released version of Things will be even more desirable from a marketing standpoint.

  207. Neil Sep 23, 2008

    Radman, OmniFocus is both a desktop and iPhone app.

    I’m among those who suspect the decision was a mistake, particularly now that CC has changed the release of Things from “Summer 2008″ to “Fall 2008″ — and fall just began so that could mean late December. But I don’t have all the facts. Maybe they were running low on cash, and knew Things needed 6 more months of work in which case they had no choice.

    One thing (ha) on which can all agree — CC is not the most transparent of companies. That’s fine. Neither is Apple after all. It’s just that small companies tend to benefit from being transparent. If I were running CC, I would find some way to post to this blog at least weekly.

  208. Philipp Sep 23, 2008

    I have just talked to one of the developers. He told me they had moved to a bigger flat in a bigger town (Stuttgart) and will continue to develop with an even bigger team. So it’s worth being patient…

  209. Josef Sep 23, 2008

    Thanks for the tweets guys.

  210. Dennis Sep 24, 2008

    I own OmniFocus for the mac and iPhone and love them both. Prior to me purchasing them, I had been waiting for CC to launch Things for the mac when they chose to switch development to the iPhone version. I think that Things is an awesome application that will eventually have a large faithful following for both the mac and iphone versions. However, until they are fully developed and working together it’ll be hard to compete with the competition.

  211. Bonobo Sep 26, 2008

    @ Josh:
    “but that said, where in the world did you get the idea that the developers should be accountable to you every day?”
    Not accountable at all, but “the daily tweet” suggests that they planned to be communicating on a daily basis.

    “that you must feel valued and in the loop to remain interested? or, more fundamentally, that this is in any way about *you* ?”
    I just offered my opinion what CC could do to make me a happy camper, which is something they – of course – are free to ignore. But they might take it and think, “yeah well, she has said it, and 50 others have, so it looks as if there is a real need for more communication out there”.

    I didn’t want to come across as offensive, sulking, or demanding; I didn’t even say I’d run away if they don’t communicate regularly, I just think it would be a smart move from a commercial viewpoint to keep the buzz alive. And I think that CC fundamentally shares that opinion, and that’s why they created their “daily tweet”.

  212. Vinod Sep 29, 2008

    They are alive! ;) An update for the desktop rolled out today.

  213. deBug Oct 03, 2008

    The Roadmap mentioned in the post, is there an actual Roadmap page for Things on the iPhone somewhere to be found? I would very much like to know what is planned for inclusion on the iPhone. I did find a feature list for Things on Mac at Future Features

  214. t.a. barnhart Oct 04, 2008

    took a bit for my Mac to find the iTouch, but when it did, the sync’ing was quick & clean. automatic, too (tho so far i’m just testing at home — tomorrow i’ll be taking the iTouch on the road. we’ll see at the end of the day).

    thanks for this. it looks really promising.

  215. akatsuki Oct 05, 2008

    MobileMe syncing or some other form of OTA sync is really the ideal solution. While you guys aren’t the only ones to use this sort of syncing (Stanza uses the same running the app at the same time and hit sync), it is really not an ideal solution for many reasons, including that for each app that does this, the user has to run each in turn and press some sort of sync button.