Dates, Dates, Dates

One of the biggest surprises was the amount of feedback we received on date related features. The single most requested feature: recurring tasks. Also users were often surprised that tasks due today didn’t automatically show up in the Today list. Then there was this irritating bug that prevented system wide date preferences to be honored correctly. Users also requested more convenient input methods like natural language input and a mini calendar.

We have every intention for Things to get a best in class date implementation. Today we are adding natural language input and a mini calendar for due dates.

The next updates will also bring the following improvements:

  • An option to automatically move due items to the Today list.
  • An option to automatically move postponed items to Next or Today.
  • Recurring tasks.
  • Alarms for tasks that need to be completed before a certain time.

Of course, these features will be implemented in a way that does not complicate the existing workflow.


  1. Marlyse Comte Dec 12, 2007

    Great, I love the future feature of having an option to move items automatically to Today – especially the word ‘option’ in this feature :-)

    And of course, I am VERY pleased to see recurring tasks being this high in your priority list.

  2. Ryan Dec 12, 2007

    Great! Looking forward to this update…

  3. Paul Gauntlett Dec 13, 2007

    Spot on! The calendar was exactly what I needed. I can’t wait for recurring tasks and I will then be able to start using Things seriously.
    Very best wishes for your endeavours

  4. Andreas Bachofen Dec 15, 2007

    I love that natural language support works for german language, too. Looking forword to recurring tasks!

    Great update!

  5. Noel Dec 19, 2007

    Awesome. I just sent feedback through on the auto due date move. Cool to see other people mentioning that.

  6. Jorge Jan 03, 2008

    I’m going to migrate from iGTD and I rely on start dates a lot (much less than due dates). In my mind, I don’t see those items as “postponed”. It’s just future to-dos that won’t really become a to-do until a certain date arrives. By then, I expect them to appear where they belong.

    Recurring and resetting tasks are also important to me.

    And this brings me to iCal synchronization. Is it planned for the near future?

  7. Ron Jan 07, 2008


    I submitted a similar comment through Feedback. The current postponed option is a bit conceptually confusing because this feature must be used both for tasks that are truly postponed (i.e, they were once active and are now delayed) and tasks that are really ticklers for future action, such as start dates.