Things Helper

To use the Quick Entry with Autofill feature on your Mac, you need to install a small Helper application.

Please note that this page is for Things 2. If you’re looking to install the Things Helper for Things 3, see this page.


  1. Download Things Helper for Things 2:
  2. When the download is complete, launch Things Helper by double-clicking it.
  3. The Helper will automatically switch you back to Things, and Quick Entry with Autofill will be enabled.

Why is this necessary?

Apple now require developers to “sandbox” their applications – as a result, we could no longer implement our Quick Entry feature the same way we had in previous versions of Things Mac.

The new Things Helper application runs in the background and is used by Things to perform Autofill during quick entry. When you first turn Autofill on, it will prompt you to download the Helper application; when you turn it back off, the Helper application is automatically uninstalled for you.