Dear Dropbox fans...

Dropbox apparently, ahem, "misled" users into thinking employees could *not* access user files. In fact, there are employess who can decrypt your files meaning that the only thing protecting users is internal company policy - not strong encryption.

Please - if you must store stuff in the cloud and it is at all personal, encrypt before uploading. You don't have to be the type who wears a tinfoil beret to wish that your personal info stays personal.

What do I have to hide? Wrong question. I simply don't have much personal information that I wish to share.




Cultured Code - please take note. It's for reasons like the above that I must insist you offer an off-cloud (or better, personal-cloud) SYNC solution if you wish to keep me as a customer.
Hear hear!!
CC has said repeatedly that they will NOT be using Dropbox for their sync solution.
"CC has said repeatedly that they will NOT be using Dropbox for their sync solution."

Six of one, half dozen of the other. The point is - my cloud, or no cloud at all.
I think he's addressing the security issue and not CC using DP.
This is just kind of common sense to me. I like drop-box because it's just files. I can encrypt them myself. I never thought about them 'legally' granting access to my stuff in the cloud, but I've always assumed hacker would eventually crack them. So I never put really sensitive stuff in the cloud, and when I put moderately sensitive stuff, I encrypt it in a disk image. Anything that they could give away and actually read is just 'stuff of convenience' (addresses, maps of locations I frequent etc.) Nothing they couldn't find anyway even without accessing my box.

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